A Delta Airline Surprise – They Never Fail

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For some flying can be routine, even boring. You pack your bag, say your good-byes, leave home for the long quiet ride to the airport, fight the long line at security, cram into the plane train, stop by the lounge to check some emails, then board your flight to snag the last over head space. It’s not always as glamorous as some people make it out to be.

But we here at Points, Miles & Martinis take pleasure in the simple things in life, and in travel. Take for example another flight on another day, with Delta. We were left surprised and entertained just before landing after “just another” day traveling. Read on for two examples.

Delta Airline Surprise

Delta takes pride in their onboard snacks and cares for your culinary experience.

We’ve enjoyed the recent snack selections that have all vied for the top snack spot in our book. Delta’s recent snack basket has included treats such as the Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel goodness, Brittle Brownie Chocolate Crisp, and the very best Blueberry Chocolate fruit snack I’ve ever tasted. After all that, I never thought Delta could top themselves. But they went ahead and surprised me again this week.

Delta always does well with a salty, crunchy and sweet mix in the snack basket. On this flight I went with the trusty Cape Cod Crispy Chips and a new one, the Chocolate Wafer Bites!

Wait, what? Chocolate + Wafer had to be good. I was like Baby Weekly Flyer rubbing my eyes in disbelief that I hadn’t seen these yet. How could I miss them? I snagged one to try knowing they’d be back with the basket for another round if the wafers proved to be as good as I thought they would.

Delta Airline Surprise

Opened up the goodie bag and grabbed my first crisp. As I held it in my hand it kinda reminded me of those Air France cheese crisps they serve before each meal. But one bite and you know it’s a better than Air France Cheese crisps, no, it’s way better. Take a look at the inside. What do you think?

Delta Airline Surprise

Yep, they combined a crunch and a sweetness that is almost un-matched in airline snacks. It’s a winner. Have you tried this yet?

Airline Theatre

The ultimate plane spotting experience is seeing three planes land simultaneously, next to your plane! That’s right, with Atlanta’s 5 runways, you can see the line up of planes landing next to your’s as you land.

Plane Spotting

I caught a few Delta planes and even what appeared to be the British Airways 777 landing off in the distance.

Plane Spotting

Bottom Line

Delta has really improved their snack basket in recent years. I’ve discovered option after option that is either a mix of crunch, sweet or salty, and all of them have proved themselves worthy of my snack time favorite. The best part is most of these are low in calorie if you can control yourself. Just enough to get a taste while enjoying a little airplane theatre is always a nice Delta Airline Surprise.

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  1. I love both the CC chips and the chocolate wafers separately. But together!?! No thank you.

  2. I honestly can’t tell if you are being sarcastic or if this is just a silly little post.

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