Mini Bar Dilemma

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Have you ever checked into a hotel room, maybe with your baby or kids only to find that the only fridge in the room is full with over-priced mini bar drinks? Honestly, the only time I’ve ever been excited to see this sight when I opened the fridge in my hotel room was when I had InterContinental Ambassador Status (and the mini bar was complementary.) When I travel with the kids, I really need an empty fridge to put their drinks, bottles and snacks in.

Mini Bar Dilemma

Mini Bar Dilemma

On a recent hotel stay-cation, we brought some kid drinks, as well as some adult beverages with us only to find ourselves in this situation. We had no place to put our drinks. Of course we could have asked for a second fridge to be brought up, but with a family of 4 plus gear in a standard room, it really didn’t make sense for space reasons. So, we found our own solution.

Mini Bar Dilemma

Is it a piece of luggage, a purse? Nope! It’s a cooler bag! We had brought this bag with us with kid drinks in it and found that it was perfect to use in our hotel room. We just went to the ice machine and filled that baby up!

Mini Bar Dilemma

This Lilly Cooler bag definitely held a lot more than the ice bucket would have!

Mini Bar Dilemma

Bottom Line

What creative solutions have you come up with in this instance or when staying in a hotel that’s lacking the amenities that you require? Post a comment!

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  1. On our recent stays, we’ve asked the hotel to empty out the mini bar. They’ve done so without issues.

  2. I had a similar situation, and called the front desk and asked them to please remove the stuff from the fridge so I could have the space for our stuff. I was with my mom, who has a medication that must stay refrigerated, so I used that as leverage.

  3. I always have a cooler bag with me when I travel. If I’m traveling by car I have a refrigerator that runs off my cars battery. When I get to the hotel I carry the fridge into the room and plug it in to an electric outlet. I’d love to have miles or points for every mile that fridge was along for the ride. Its been in every state except Hawaii and every Canadian province and yukon territory.

  4. Once we had a room with 2 sinks at a casino we were staying at. The mini bar meter was so sensitive that we were afraid breathing near it would rack up charges, lol. We had discreetly packed a few beers and wine coolers to save money on drinks for when we were in the room. I made a couple of trips to the ice machine and loaded the 2nd sink with ice to use as our “cooler”. I like your cooler bag much better!

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