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What To Do If Your Flight is Oversold

Airlines have been changing their oversold procedures after the recent incident where a United Airlines Passenger Was Dragged Off Plane Due To Oversell and with the recent changes if you’re flying Delta or United you could find yourself with a hefty reward if you’re willing to get bumped off. See current Credit Card Offers here to earn…

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New! Share ShopRunner Benefits

Last week I posted about how Amazon had raised their spend threshold to get free shipping from $35 to $49. Reader Askmrlee, posted a good comment that this news made Shoprunner’s free 2 day shipping look more valuable. Which is an excellent point. Remember, you can get free ShopRunner membership with an eligible Amex card…

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Holiday Travel Headaches – Are You Ready For Thanksgiving Travel?

According to Fox News, “Thanksgiving travel can add 130-259% increase in airline volume!” Well, it’s finally here, the dreaded Wednesday before Thanksgiving travel day! It’s one of the most hectic travel days of the year! Are you already on the road? Perhaps you are lucky and got a few extra days off work and have…

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Free Music, Apps, And Airport Wi-fi! It’s Verizon Connection Day!

Today is Verizon connection day! Today only you can score free movies, airport wifi, music and more for both existing Verizon customers and people who use other carriers as well! Go here to check out what you can get for free today! If you are a Verizon customer, you may even be able to get…

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How To Get Low Level Delta Award On Cross Country Flights (The Hard Way)

Delta Sky Miles members may run into an issues finding award space across the country. I’ve been there myself. The low level award space in First Class usually requires only 45,000 miles. But when that isn’t available, the mid level award space requires a significant amount more in miles, 80,000 miles in total to be…

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