Why the Boeing 787 Is Great for Passengers

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The airlines constantly tout how beneficial Boeing’s new 787 Dreamliner is for their bottom line.

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The plane, which is made of a carbon material, instead of aluminum, is more fuel efficient and boasts a longer range, enabling airlines to unlock routes that were previously too costly to operate.

But the jetliner is also beneficial for passengers.

For one, the plane is pressurized at a lower altitude that other planes. This means the air is more moist and less dry. Passengers typically feel more refreshed after flying on a 787.

The jetliner is typically used for long-haul international flights longer than 10 hours.

Another benefit is the plane’s turbulence stabilizer. Riders won’t necessarily notice when the plane is flying through rough air.

Third, the plane has uniquely designed engines that aim to reduce noise both inside the cabin and for those on the ground living near airports. Obviously, takeoff and landing can be very noisy for residents near airports.

Many passengers say after flying on a 787, they don’t need to wear noise cancelling headphones because the engines are much less noisy than typical jetliners, like the Boeing 777 and the Airbus A330.

Some airlines that rely on the 787 include United Airlines, American Airlines, Air Canada and British Airways.

The plane’s main rival is the Airbus A350.

Have you flown on a 787 recently? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. I flew DFW / PVG in a 787. Best flight ever. No jet lag AT ALL. Arrived and enjoyed the day instead of sleeping to recover. One thing you forgot to comment is about the large dimming windows. Simply spectacular. Now I try ti find flights with 787’s all the time

  2. Didn’t enjoy 787 much. I don’t think noise difference was big enough for me to notice. However I have noticed the difference on 380. Never tried 350 but hear it’s as good as 380. Do you know anything about 350 in terms of fuel efficiency? I feel 787 is more popular among airlines. Is there a reason or its just my impression?

  3. I am very sensitive to the pressurization of planes. I am usually short of breath when first exiting a plane, especially on a long haul. I recently flew DFW to PEK on 787 and I bounded off the plane with completely normal energy and no shortness of breath or fatigue. I made such a difference. Now if American can just fix those seats.

  4. All these benefits don’t mean much when you’re squashed in a 3-3-3 config. #crampliner

  5. JAL still offers 8 abreast and 34″ pitch economy seating, so enjoy it while it lasts. ANA used to offer 8 abreast, but then went 9 abreast.

    @RJB – who offers 10 abreast in a 787? Max is really 9. Are you confusing this with the 777?

    @ken – The 787 is more popular because it’s been around longer. Commercial flghts on the 350 launched in January 2015 and no US airline uses it. It only started appearing in the US on Qatar’s PHL-DOH flights in January of this year. Commercial service on 787’s started in 2011.

  6. You forgot about the electrochromatic adjustable shades. No more pulldown plastic window blind. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jw3bpg0tdoQ

    The 787 enabled airlines to fly long-haul routes between secondary non-hub cities and still turn a profit without having to stuff a larger aircraft. It’s also enabled the long-haul low-cost carrier ie. Scoot and Norweigan.

    Just the fact it’s a passenger airliner with its fuselage and wings made of carbon fiber is already mindblowing.
    @askmrlee AA, DL, and UA have ordered, but not received deliveries of A350s.

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