Shocking United Airlines Experience

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United has been in the news a lot lately. So I was shocked when I flew United this week; I will share my experience and review with you below.

Shocking United Airlines Experience

United In The News

First, I read about United dragging a passenger off the plane creating nationwide attention. Then there was a scorpion stung a passenger on a United plane. Next came the suspicious story of how a wedding couple were pulled from their flight. Then, most recently how a 3 foot long Rabbit died while in United’s care.

My Experience

This week I flew United (which is unusual,) I was able to enter the United Airlines Club lounge with my Hyatt Globalist United Club access certificates. The entry was valid for one day for my flight. I was pleasantly surprised to find a modern lounge, nice bar with free complimentary draft beer.

Onboard and once in my seat, I nervously looked around to see if I too might be asked to leave or be dragged from the plane. I reluctantly settled in for the flight. We pulled back from the gate on time and was happily surprised to learn no one would be removed from this United flight.

Shocking United Airlines Experience


I found my United seat fairly comfortable. I chose the window seat and had a terribly nice view of Chicago during takeoff.



Once at cruising altitude, the flight attendant promptly offered cold nuts and a iced cold drink in an actual glass with a United logo.


Given the recent events and stories around United Airlines, I was shocked by how uneventful, on-time, comfortable and a rather enjoyable experience my United flight was. United did a great job this time.

Bottom Line

Not everything goes as planned when traveling and clearly from the stories above, some unexpected and sometimes bad things happen during travel. But I have to say, the majority of my personal experiences go smoothly and in large part due to the people who run the airlines on the ground, on the tarmac and in the plane.

Have you had any shocking airline experiences lately? Drop a note about it in the comments.

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  1. As you well know as a frequent flyer (and likely a businessman), the passenger who was, regrettably dragged from the plane, had disobeyed TWO cardinal rules of airline travel. He failed to follow the instructions of the flight crew, and he failed to observe the instructions of law enforcement. I don’t condone what happened next at all, but for all the media attention, it’s regrettable that most people ( and certainly the non-flying public) don’t appreciate what was attempted BEFORE the regrettable events happened in full accordance with the passengers Contract of Carriage, and the reasonable request of law enforcement. Lucky him if he got a big settlement, but I’m very sorry – he really didn’t deserve it.

  2. I flew United out of O’Hare last week as before boarding a gate agent started the usual spiel about the flight being full, if you have a large bag you can gate check it for free, only one bag in the overhead, etc etc. Then she said something to the effect of

    “hopefully everyone complies with these directions so nobody gets hurt”

    At least the awkward laugh among the passengers assured me I wasn’t the only one who felt uncomfortable.

  3. I understand that you (the writer) were only trying to be facetious when writing this article but to me you came across as a pompous prick

  4. I agree with gordon,
    You are poking fun at other peoples miseries.
    April 27th I had a 13 hr flight when it should have been 3 hrs. Four reasons for delay, United at fault; late arrival, luggage issues, emergency landing because of fumes in the plane, and once landed, the door was jammed and could not open to let us off. All I heard was a bunch of fake apologies at 3:30 am just to get everyone soothed and to move on. Their compensations were a joke. I’ll never fly United again.
    Its clear United has no compassion or proper compensation for paying passengers during delays that are the fault of the airlines.

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