Would You Rather: Window or Aisle Seats

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This Week’s Question:

If you were a flight attendant, Would You Rather have a window seat or an aisle seat in flying in the main cabin?

When it comes to choosing seats, some people prefer windows and some prefer aisles. Windows are great if you are trying to sleep since you can lean against the window as a headrest. Additionally, the debate could lie that those in the window seat have control on whether the window is open or closed, those not always.

For aisle seat lovers, you’re able to get up and about the aircraft whenever you want without having to ask your neighboring passengers.

Would You Rather have a window or an aisle seat in the main cabin of an aircraft? Feel free to share your thoughts below, or on social media using hashtag #IWOULDRATHER

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  1. Quite simply windows are less boring (because you can see everything!) but aisle seats are more comfortable (being that you have one side that neither presses up against a wall or a person). So window in 1st/business and aisle in economy. An added benefit of aisle is if you feeling like being chatty (with the flight attendant or those around you) or getting drinks when it’s not beverage service time, it’s easier from the aisle. So I normally make the call based on (1) seat class (2) duration of flight and (3) how interesting what’s out the window is.

  2. For years I was a dedicated “window” guy. I loved watching the view, liked being able to lean against the wall to sleep, liked NOT having to move whenever some else need to leave their seat. But in recent years, as the amount of space afforded passengers in economy has been reduced, I find that the window seat is just too cramped to be comfortable. In addition, the shape/configuration of the newer planes means that the curvature of the wall/roof is more intrusive than it used to be, and the placement of the actual windows has changed so that it is harder to peer out and enjoy that view. So, more often than not I’m on the aisle now. It’s harder to sleep. I have to get up when other need to go to the (undersized) lavatory. But at least one elbow has some room, and it’s not as claustrophobic as the window seat has become. In fact, the aisle seat is so preferable now, that my wife and I will often book two aisle seats across from one another when traveling together, rather than force one of us into a middle seat. We found that to work especially well on our last trip to Europe.

  3. I am a Window girl–Aisle is too busy for me. And I travel with a service animal, small Yorkie, who likes to sit in his bag under the seat–w/o those distractions!!
    I feel like anytime I have to sit in the aisle, I’m being hit by anyone and everyone who comes down the aisle to their seat!

  4. Typically a window seat person. But echoing what @Earl said, newer planes with intrusive curvatures make it almost impossible to lean.

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