How to Check Delta Ticket Refund Status

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With thousands of flights being cancelled everyday due to the COVID-19 pandemic, airlines are being forced to refund passengers for their tickets. With so many refund requests, the time it’s taking for airlines to issue these refunds have increased and are now taking several weeks depending on the carrier.

If you’ve requested a refund for your Delta Air Lines cancelled flight either online or over the phone you should be given a refund request number, which you’ll want to hang onto, as this will be needed when checking the status of your refund online.

How to Check a Delta Ticket Refund Status:

  • Head over to the Check Refund Status page
  • Complete the information which includes first and last name, ticket number, and refund request number
  • Click continue and you’ll then see the refund request pop up and it should include the amount and the status

If your status shows pending this means Delta hasn’t issued the refund yet, so you’ll want to keep checking back. They’ve been advising they’re issuing refunds within 21 business days, which is essentially 30 days taking in to account weekends.

Once the refund is issued, it will likely take another few days for the statement to appear on your credit card. If you still have any questions you can contact the Delta Refund department by phone at 1-800-847-0578 Monday through Friday 8am – 7pm ET.

Have you’ve been refunded for your Delta cancelled flights yet? Feel free to share below with any questions you have.

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  1. Any idea who I would contact about cancelling a flight on WestJet but using redeemed skymiles points?

  2. i called for the refund on march 18 DL says it will take 21 business days or more but DOT says 7 days????

  3. I requested a refund March 19, but still haven’t received. I am waiting until it hits 30 business days to call in though.

  4. I requested a refund and the trip was in March. Please notify me as to whether I will receive one or if I only get sky miles or a credit?

  5. Thanks for the post.
    I requested refund 08Apr, status: pending
    So it’s been more than 21 business days. Is the only recourse to call?

  6. I requested refund from Delta on April 12 but still showing Pending on May 22. Do you know what is the next step if I don’t receive the refund in next 10 days?

  7. How long do I have to wait for a refund that was submitted on May 24 2020?

  8. I requested my refund on May 12TH 2020 and the system keep saying that they are working on March request but yet you told me to give it 30 days. 30 days is almost up and most returns are 7 to 14 business days which have already passed. Do you know about when i will get my refund as i purchased 2 tickets.

  9. Went will I receive my refund check of $363.20. Cancelled on 5/14/20.

  10. No information about my refund 04/27 received my seat refund from Air France…………

  11. Can’t get thru on the phone and the online option was a credit for $6k. That’s a lot of money for them to hang onto.

  12. We applied for a refund on April 15th and I went on line today (6/9/20) and it said pending.
    So I was determined and waited about 40 minutes to get an agent. The Delta agent couldn’t have been more helpful. I had our case number, transaction ID and our seat numbers all ready to go. She immediately took it out of pending and said our credit card should be receiving the money and we should see it on our statement in a week to two weeks. Some credit companies are slower than others but American Express has been pretty good. She also said that Delta is processing requests from March right now. I’m just relieved as we were looking at receiving $2000 as our refund.

  13. Refund status updates. Ticket number 00624205888197. refund # DC37847474. Just want to know if our refund for upgrading our seats to comfort care will be reimbursed and I purchased full ticket price and used Steve’s companion status for this flight and would like to know if his companion status will be returned to his account. Thank you

  14. This is big money for Delta. If they can hold in an interest bearing account they can make money off our money. They are in no rush to return and I will shop around the next time I fly. I cancelled expedia hotels at the same time – refunded less than 10 days, Fishing trip cancelled (mom and pop operation) refunded in less than 10 days. Disney World Hotel and Tickets refunded less than 7 days.

    Delta still has my money – too many days and counting

  15. I have been waiting since May 17th for 1200.00 refund. I am wanting to rebook a new trip with this refund for a July vacation but they are taking forever to refund me. I have called and called and can never get through. It’s been just about the 30 day mark. Why are they taking so long, all they have to do is push the button and it should be refunded.

  16. I have been waiting since January when I cancelled. On April 11 they issued me a refund request information confirmation
    It is June 15 and I have called and been on hold for more than an hour, no agent. I went to refund status on line, entered all information and it responds by saying can’t find!
    How do I get my money from them credited to my credit card!
    They are holding our money,not bad enough we have been suffering thru this pandemic,I need the money to eat.

  17. Filed for refund more than 6 weeks ago. Status page says does not exist and to call. No one answers when calling refund line. Frustrating!

  18. Cancelled trip for myself and my 2 childrenMay 26 Rebooked. Waiting for refund to pay for new reservation. When will it arrive. It will be applied back to credit card

  19. Entered Case #34490244 and said there was no record. This is third request. Confirmation HOL2WZ. PNS to Cairo flights cancelled for 2 people. Paid $2,267.48 for 2 tickets. Have gotten b ack HALF of it? $1,133.74 is still due. first request April 28, 2020 via direct mail then filed thru your on-line refund request and now it won’t even take my case #. I’m trying to be patient. Next step will be to directly contact the President of Delta Airlines, Mr. Glen Hauenstein at Delta Hdqtrs in Atlanta.

  20. Requested cancellation and refund on May 28, but still no refund and can’t get through on phone line and when I enter the ticket # and cancellation # it says it can find that. Are they going to make refunds? if not who else to contact to push them to follow through as they say they will?

  21. I requested for a refund of 3 tickets I bought at the same time with same ticket number 0n 05/24/2020 at 4:54 am. I was refunded only the amount of one ticket on 06/16/2020. I called the number provided to know when the rest of the remaining two tickets be refunded, but was kept on hold for almost 2 hrs until the line went dead. I still have not received the remaining refund as I speak.

  22. I requested a refund for 3 tickets on March 14, 2 of them was for my husband an I and the other one for my friend on her own credit card, she has been refunded on March 27, but I still waitin for mine and after many calls and E-mail, my refund status remain Pending, it’s been almost 4 months now, I’m really upset about the situation.

  23. Delta cancelled my flight from SEA to LHR on 05/23/20. Still no refund. I have called numerous times but am told my request is still being reviewed. Refund status using ticket # and refund request # shows “unable to locate. Call *** *** **** for assistance.” Spoke to a Delta refund person, who was very helpful, on 07/27/20 who told me process should be finalized in a couple of days. But no one could tell me why the Refund Status shows “unable to locate.”

  24. refund for Ticket #0062404860143 – Corey Bruer passed away on 12/13/19 so therefore didn’t use the tkt

  25. I’ve been waiting for my refund since May on one trip and June on the other. All they can tell me is it is being processed.

  26. I just received my refund in the form of eticket credit. I had submitted the refund request around April 12. I am happy to see my money back. Be patient. I am sure you will get the refund.

  27. FYI – you will be very lucky to receive a refund. I just spoke to someone in the refund department, and they will only issue refunds if the flight is cancelled, or there are changes/delays greater than 90 minutes. Otherwise, you will just receive credits to use for a flight between your original booking up to two years (which they extended due to Covid-19). The woman said once your flight date comes and goes and you do not check in or board the flight, your credits will automatically be issued. Hope this helps everyone!

  28. Delta kept telling me my refund was pending and that it could take up to 90 days. So I called my credit card company and provide them the email of my trip being canceled and the refund request email. They credited my account immediately. I don’t know if any company will do it but my card is an American Express delta CC.

  29. I have had a “pending refund” from Delta since June, 25th. Status still shows pending.
    I have the AmExp Delta card. I called customer service to see if they could credit my account with the pending refund. I gave them the ticket # and the refund request #. Agents reply was, “sorry, we can’t do that.” Delta has my refund listed as an E-credit and an be used as such pending the refund.

  30. Case # 34126044 I requested a refund for my trip to Africa on May 6, 2020, it’s been four months and I have not heard a word from you. It’s quite a large sum and I have been waiting patiently. I am not working and would appreciate if you could please get back to me.

  31. My flight was canceled 23 of July, still no refund of 1312.00. Still says pending, would really appreciate getting my refund.

  32. Canceled itinerary: Fort Lauderdale to Kingston

    Travel dates
    Jan 25, 2021 – Jan 25, 2021
    Itinerary #

    You will receive a refund of:
    Airline confirmation
    G6SLOF (Delta)
    When you’re ready to book a new trip, we’re happy to help.
    Go to itinerary
    Search for flights
    Flight overview
    Departure Mon, Jan 25
    Delta 1437 operated by Delta
    Fort Lauderdale (FLL)
    flight to
    Atlanta (ATL)
    1h 54m duration
    Delta 1840 operated by Delta
    Atlanta (ATL)
    flight to
    Kingston (KIN)
    2h 49m duration
    Total duration 13h 48m

    Price summary
    Traveler 1: Adult $197.70
    Flight $120.00
    Taxes & Fees $77.70
    Refund to original form of payment: $197.70
    All prices are quoted in USD.


  33. Have filled out all the details for refund here it is DL214517MAR PHXWas suppose to take 1:57 but Delta waited for the gals that were to work they were at least 1/2late We missed plane no plane til next day no offer fromDelta either to put us up then he straight flight on sun. at 10:00 no for hotel so I said make more sense to drive The guy was negative again said if you get oneWell it cost $435 total thats with gas My husband was in the wheel chair it really wore me out

  34. I am beginning to wonder what is happening or if a refund is a real thing. Delta cancelled my flight not once but twice back in January of 2022 so I requested a refund. Its now August of 2022 and it still says pending. Can’t get through to ANYONE by phone. Finally filed a complaint to which it said it could take 30 days for a response. What do I freaking do to get my refund? I supplied them with ALL the info they needed but no one is fixing the issue. I’m NOT happy with DELTA.

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