Delta Restricting Comfort Plus Seating for Platinum and Diamond Medallions

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We shared how Delta Suspends Automatic Complimentary Medallion Upgrades, however it seems like Delta is not only suspending First Class upgrades, but they’re not allowing Platinum or Diamond Medallions to select Comfort + seats at booking, as previously allowed.

This is due to COVID-19, with Delta reducing the capacity onboard all their flights to 50% for First Class, and 60% for Main Cabin and Comfort + sections.

However, despite these limitations, Platinum and Diamonds have long been allowed to select Comfort + seats at time of booking similar to how exit row and other preferred seats are allowed for selection for these members.

Per Delta’s site:

To make space for safer travel, some seats are blocked from selection on Delta operated flights through through June 30. To explore options for seating directly next to travel companions, please see an agent at your gate.

My take on this situation, is that well social distancing and blocking seats onboard is a great measure Delta is taking, restricting Platinum and Diamond from selecting Comfort + seats is a huge blow to these members, when now’s the time to be winning back customers it seems Delta is more concerned about it’s bottom line.

Delta instead should continue to restrict First Class upgrades for Medallions to be cleared at the gate to monitor social distancing. However, if Comfort + seats are available at time of booking, Platinum and Diamonds should be allowed to select these seats with respect to the 60% capacity restrictions currently in place through the end of June.

We’ve reached out to Delta to clarify this policy, however haven’t received a response at time of publication.

What are your thoughts on Delta not allowing Platinum and Diamond Medallions to select Comfort + seats at time of booking? Should Delta make these seats available for selection? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I somewhat understand this as pax would select this seats, preventing them from being sold to others, but would then get upgraded to F at the gate, leaving the Comfort + seats empty or given away for free to not-elites. Perhaps there’s away Delta could allow elites to select them if it appears unlikely all Platinum and Diamond members would get upgraded to F at the gate.

  2. The blanket 50% rule for blocked out seats up front also doesn’t make sense and hurts elites.
    On a SkyWest E75, F cabin is four rows of 2 and 1. 12 total F seats. 50% rule blocks out 6 seats. Would make more sense to just block the aisle seats and have 8 seats available in F.

  3. Been a Diamond for about 10 yrs and a member for about 20. This issue now added to taking a month at least to process refunds for flights they have cancelled is keeping me from booking flights w DL. I am still flying each week as before just not on DL. I fly from the SE into the NE almost weekly. On AA I have been paying about $40-70 r/t MIA-PHL with my own rows 90 percent of the time and no one ever next to me. Same tckts costing upwards of $300 on DL. With status secured for next year and all of these issues it is not worth it, not to mention the price.

  4. happened to me as i booked FC on sat got a main cabin seat when i clicked on C- ==$99 nuts called and told could not upgrade to C but i had booked FC and paid Y FC fare and no FC seats so put in main…crazy an hour on hold etc and asking for supervisor got C- for free,,,,

  5. This just happened to me right now for July 16/19. Booked main and all seats in comfort+ (minus blocker middles) are open. No access for me. I’m diamond btw.

  6. Just took a flight on DL and did not get an upgrade at time of booking. At the gate I was upgraded to Comfort. While on board, the gate agent came on and moved me to first. I’m a Diamond. I will say, I would rather be where it’s less crowded so if that’s in the back with rows open in front and behind, that’s better than forced upgrade to people within my 6ft bubble, which still happens even in 50/60% reduced capacity.

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