How to Receive American Express Retention Offers via Chat

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American Express has long been known to give retention offers to cardholders, and with the current coronavirus it appears that there are some great offers out there. If you’re an American Express cardholder, you can check if you have any retention offers via the online chat feature once you log into your account online.

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Keep in mind that when chatting online they are only able to offer retention offers for personal cards. If you have a small business card, you’ll have to call membership consulting over the phone. Wonder what type of offers you might receive, check out this American Express retention offers Flyertalk thread.

I decided to reach out about my American Express Platinum card, which had the annual fee due a few months ago. Based on my personal experience, it appears that if you’ve received a retention offer within the past 12 months, you won’t be eligible to receive another one. This is based on each card, so you can have them check more than one personal card.

How to Receive American Express Retention Offers via Chat:

  • Start a new chat conversation and say you’d like to cancel your Platinum Card (replace which personal card you’re trying to get an offer for)
  • I also say that it’s due to a lack of travel and can’t justify the annual fee.
  • If you have a retention offer for the card you’ll actually be transferred from the first agent to another agent via chat in the Membership Consulting team. (This is a very good sign if you get transferred, as it means you should have offer)
  • Reiterate to the Membership Consulting agent you want to cancel your card for X reason. They will try to tell you some of the benefits of the cards, but tell them you want to cancel each time due to the fee.
  • Finally, they should let you know there’s an offer available. It will either be straight up bonus points or a spending offer.
  • If you agree to the offer, you must not cancel or downgrade your card within 12 months.

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I recently chatted in attempting to cancel my American Express Platinum card due to a lack of travel. As I had an offer on my account, I was transferred to the Membership Consulting Service department.

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I was offered 50,000 Membership Rewards points for keeping my card and agreeing to keep it active for 12 months.

Bottom Line

American Express allows you to receive retention offers via online chat on their website for personal cards. You must not of received a previous offer within the past 12 months, otherwise you won’t be eligible. Membership consulting is available Monday-Friday from 8am-11pm ET so you’ll want to chat in during these hours.

If you’re wondering which cards would be eligible, it appears most of the personal cards including all the co-brand travel cards as well as Membership Rewards earning cards.

Have you received an American Express retention offer via chat? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Can I ask what kind of responses folks have received with the AmEx Delta Reserve Business card?
    I did receive (unsolicited) a $120 loyalty credit on the statement with the renewal. Any chance of getting anything additional?

    Thank you for the helpful article!

  2. If no offer is available, and you don’t really want to cancel the card, is there a way to “change you mind”?

  3. AMAZING! Followed your suggestions to a T w/ my AMEX Platinum and worked perfectly! Only thing I’d add that you didn’t mention above, is that the 50K Rewards points “will be credited to your account 8-12 weeks from” day of chat…otherwise, BRILLIANT MOVE MY FRIENDS!! Applause!

  4. thanks for this! was nervous but then I got transferred over to the “Membership Consulting team” and got a 50k points

  5. Just went through these steps with chat and the most they offered me was 20,000 points for $2000 in spend in the next 3 months. Looks like they are tightening down on what they have to offer.

  6. I got the same offer as Austin on my Personal Gold card last year. I met that spend, recently and am about to ask for a retention offer on my Platinum card. Unlike my Gold (which I would have kept even without a retention offer), I may not keep my Platinum card if I don’t get a retention offer.

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