Delta Cancelling 82 Flights Tomorrow Due to Pilot Staffing Issues

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Deja Vu for the 3rd time: Delta Air Lines has cancelled nearly 100 flights this Easter weekend as the airline continues facing pilot staffing challenges. Additionally, we’ve seen a large amount of flights being severely delayed as well this weekend.

We confirmed that flights are being cancelled due to pilot crews not being able to cover these flights, essentially the airline doesn’t have enough pilots available to operate all of its flights scheduled. For Easter Sunday, 82 flights are cancelled at this time.

As a result of these cancellations, it appears that seat blocking will be lifted for the next couple days on all Delta flights.

You’ll recall the past two major holidays last year where Delta had this exact same issue:

a plane at an airport

Digging into these cancellations it does appear most cancellations are on 737-800/900 and A319/320/321 fleets this weekend. If you’re scheduled to be on one of these planes tomorrow be sure to check to make sure your flight is still operating.

It’s very disappointing to see this, as this is the 3rd major holiday weekend in the past 6 months that Delta has had to cancel tons of flights due to pilot staffing issues.

With Delta’s Thanksgiving cancellations, if you were on a cancelled flight, reports from SkyMiles members is that they were proactively offered a $100 voucher for the inconvenience, so it’s likely that Delta will offer the same compensation for those affected by the Easter cancellations.

Here’s a look at some of the canceled flights tomorrow:

DL 462 New York (LGA) – Atlanta- Cancelled 

a screenshot of a phone

Delta 1610 Las Vegas – Salt Lake City- Cancelled 

a screenshot of a phone

Delta 753 New York (JFK)- Tampa- Cancelled 

a screenshot of a phone

“Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times, shame on both of us.â€

What are your thoughts on Delta’s Easter meltdown cancelling nearly 100 flights? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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  1. My flight today to Seattle was over 4 hours late, due to pilot staffing. It seems like a big challenge for not just cancelled flights but lots of delays as well.

  2. Cancelling empty flights from people who don’t want to fly on Delta. Boycott Delta. Voter id is not racist.

  3. Yup, tons of flights cancelled due to uncovered flights. As a result, Delta will be lifting seat blocking the next 2 days to help rebook those on impacted flights.

  4. Lifting the middle seat nonsense because a bunch of your pilots banged out?……but WhAt AbOuT KiLlInG GrAnDmA???? Will they be suspending the photo ID rule too?

  5. DL – the airline everyone praises for still blocking the middle seat cancels flights to consolidate their passengers onto one full airplane. Hmm

  6. I don’t understand why people still drink the Delta Kool Aid. Perhaps Delta should focus more on their staffing levels on less on politics.

  7. Friends who work there have been telling me that the staffing shortage is well known amongst the pilots. Pilots that have been on leave during the pandemic need to be trained and there’s a limited number of training slots. Employees seem to be wondering why the company continues to increase the flight schedule without the staffing coverage?

  8. Perhaps Delta should focus more on its staff and operations than wade into Georgia politics?

  9. Idiots always assume the pilots don’t want to work. We have been working our butts off. It’s management that “manages,” manning and determines how many pilots are needed to operate the airline. If some of our managers are to busy being “woke,” to run an airline perhaps the blame should fall on their shoulders…

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