Delta Backpedals on Sky Club Access Changes

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Last week we shared, New Delta Sky Club Access Policy Changes June 1, 2022, where customers will no only be allowed to enter 3 hours prior to scheduled departure time, and you’ll no longer to use the lounge on arrival (with the exception of Delta One flights).

Delta was making these changes as a way to help with overcrowding in their clubs. However, due to customer feedback, they are backpedaling on one of the changes. Arriving passengers will still be able to use the Delta Sky Club as they do today.

a bar with chairs and tables

Per Delta,

We value your input – and we’ve acted on it. Just as you can today, customers with Delta Sky Club access may continue to use Clubs upon arrival. You can review Frequently Asked Questions for more details on the revised policy:

  • Customers will be able to access the Club anytime within three hours of their scheduled departure time (and connecting customers can continue to access the Club at any time during their layover) starting Wednesday, June 1.
  • Arriving customers – with or without a connection – will be able to enjoy the Club upon arrival, as you do today.

an airport lounge with chairs and tables

When it comes to arriving passengers, I can’t imagine that those on an arriving flight are spending that much in the club other than to quickly refresh and grab a snack and then be on their way. It’s great to see Delta realizes this and will continue to allow arriving passengers to use the club.

One thing to note with Delta is if you’re listed standby on an earlier flight, you’ll be allowed to enter the lounge three hours before the standby flight, even though you’re confirmed on a later flight.

What are your thoughts on Delta continue allowing arriving passengers Sky Club access? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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  1. I, for one, am happy they did this. The three hours prior to boarding doesn’t affect me but using the club on arrival does.

  2. Being able to refresh, renew make up, and change into more professional garb in a clean and lovely facility is what we pay for.
    IF a pick up/transport from the airport is delayed, Sky Club also gives us a safe and comfortable place in which to wait.
    Arriving passengers do not crowd the the club. Most of us are gone after freshening and using the restrooms after arrival.
    Delta has now corrected a policy that was a BAD Public Relation decision.

  3. I am a newer Sky Club Member, but I would prefer a four hour boarding window. In some airports you are losing close to an hour to get to your departure gate.

  4. Airlines continue to raise prices for clubs and decrease service. The point when it is “not worth the cost” is getting nearer. The guy who flys two or three times a week can use the heck out of his annual cost but I am flying once a month and I can’t even get to the airport early enough to really take advantage of the lounge half the time. More than that flights are delayed an cancelled and I have seen 5-6 hour layovers more and more as they strive for 100% load factor. They seem to have selected the low frequency travelers to abuse with these policies. The clubs are a profit center. And that profit can be lost if people tire of the poor “Services” that they are paying for. I suspect it will probably continue to get worse until the airlines realize those less frequent travelers are their high margin customers and they loose them. The solution would be to increase the prices. Let’s see how that works.

  5. Given traffic variability and security gate issues departing SeaTac I prefer a 4 hour departure window. In the morning getting there way ahead allows me to avoid some areas that become impassable fairly early. If they cut back anymore as another comment author says it starts to not be worth it.

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