Delta Same Day Confirm Change Frustrations on First Class Tickets

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Delta offers Same-Day Confirmed flight changes for those who want to make changes to their flights within 24 hours of the original scheduled flight.

Per Delta, these changes mean that you’re making a flight change within 24 hours of your originally scheduled departure time and flying within the United States, Puerto Rico or the U.S. Virgin Islands.

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Here’s how Same-Day Confirmed works:

  • If a seat is available in your originally purchased fare class, you can change your ticket to a confirmed seat on a new flight.
  • Same-day confirmed fee starts at $75 USD, depending on ticket type
  • Same-day confirmed is complimentary for Diamond, Platinum & Gold Medallion Members

Additional Rules Include the following: 

  • You can use the Same-Day Confirmed option for travel within the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands on Delta and Delta Connection flights. It is not available for international flights.
  • You may request a same-day flight change within 24 hours prior to the departure time of your original flight; however, changes are limited to flights departing on the same day of ticketed departure
  • If you have a refundable ticket, you may be able to change your itinerary without a fee
  • If you have a Main Cabin ticket, you can only standby for a seat in Main Cabin — not in First Class or another premium cabin
  • If you have a premium cabin fare like Delta One, Delta Premium Select or First Class you may make a Same-Day Confirmed change as long as a seat is available in the cabin purchased or a lower cabin
  • If you are traveling in Delta Comfort+ , you may make a same-day confirmed change as long as a seat is available in Delta Comfort+
    • If there is not a seat available in Delta Comfort+, you may be eligible to make a Same-Day Confirmed change in a Main Cabin seat, if available
  • Origin and/or destination changes are not available for a Same-Day Confirmed change. Same-City/Co-terminals (ex. LaGuardia Airport to John F. Kennedy Airport) changes are not available for a Same-Day Confirmed change.
  • Same-Day Confirmed changes from connection to nonstop flights are not permitted 
  • Basic Economy fares (E) are not eligible for Same-Day Confirmed travel changes

The biggest frustration with Same-Day Confirmed in my personal experience as well as this lengthy Flyertalk thread has to do with making changes when you’re on a First Class ticket. Per the policy, in order to make this change all that is needed is another first class seat on a similar flight NOT the original fare class.

However, for whatever reason, newer agents don’t seem to be aware on this policy and their system doesn’t always allow for an automatic change and requires a manual reissue. However, the agents will claim that the fare class isn’t available which is incorrect. You can do your best asking for a supervisor and pointing about the policy on the website.

This also applies to RUC’s which have been confirmed into First Class. This is considered a paid first class ticket, and should only require cabin availability on your desired flight.

Here’ to hoping Delta updates it system to recognize that both paid first class tickets and those with confirmed regional upgrades allow changes based on cabin availability. In the meantime, I hope Delta does a better job training its agents on this policy.

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Have you experienced issues with Delta reservations agents now allowing same day confirm changes on First Class tickets? Feel free to share your experience in the comments below. 

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  1. Agree with this completely. I’m a Platinum Medallion and confirmed a regional upgrade certificate at booking. Needed to SDC to a later flight and took 4 calls in and speaking with two supervisors for them to realize that this was allowed. Clearly frontline agent need more training still.

  2. I’ve found if the app doesn’t allow it, then calling isn’t going to either without having to speak to a supervisor. The agents see the same options as the app so it seems more of a technology issue that needs to be fixed.

  3. Pre-pandemic the agents were more well aware of the SDC rules. These newer agents still need some more training on SDC policies

  4. Our Family Loves Delta. With that being said, could you please inform them that their technology needs an overhaul. So many things could be accomplished online instead of having to call. For example; cancelling a ticket with a regional upgrade attached to it. It automatically doesn’t go back to your wallet. I literally had to call 5x to get it returned to my wallet. Then had to call again 4x again after picking a new rebooked trip to use the same upgrade. Seems that when you log into your account to research if the trip is available for a regional upgrade, you should be able to simply pick one from your wallet and upgrade yourself on the flight showing the availability. Works for everyone, they don’t have to field the phone calls and we don’t have to wait on-hold or a call back. Same with “wait listing”. If the fare class isn’t available, make the option of wait listing yourself online available. 1st come 1st served, similar to award tickets or using eCredits in your wallet.
    As we also travel for business, we do appreciate the new policy on change flexibility. Makes a huge difference for needing more time in a biz location or ability to get home sooner from a biz location.

  5. Something else I learned with this, is that the concept that your plus 1 shares your status for the trip for upgrades does not extend to SDC. We were going to do that on our return from SEA to FLL and while we were on the same reservation and I laid for the trip with miles, they wanted my plus 1 to pay $75 while I would have been NC. I am platinum and she is silver.

  6. “It is not available for international flights”

    Why won’t they allow it if there are seats available? Goverment regulation maybe?

  7. It is a mess esp if they cancel or delay your flight causing you to miss connections…YOur paid FC is goneeven if there is an upgrade list and seats. bye bye your paid FC///

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