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Is Airbnb Taking Out The Hotel Industry?

Is Airbnb taking out the hotel industry? According to a recent survey “from Goldman Sachs Group Inc. shows that once they (consumers) switch, they don’t go back to hotels,” as reported by Bloomberg Business. More and more people not wanting to go back to hotels after using Airbnb is certainly some troubling news for the hotel industry. If you haven’t…

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Up To 20K Elevate Points With New AirBNB Partnership

Virgin America has announced a new partnership with AirBNB where you can earn 1,500 Elevate points on your first AirBNb stay and an additional 1 point per dollar on all completed AirBNb stays. Do you want to become an AirBNB host? Elevate members who sign up to become AirBnb hosts can earn an additional 20,000 Elevate…

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To AirBNB Or Not To AirBNB?

We are now a family of four and while we still rack up the hotel points, we are finding that we prefer having vacation destinations with all the amenities. A small hotel room just doesn’t cut it for us any more. Amenities such as a kitchen with dishwasher and multiple bedrooms are very desired by…

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How To Cancel With Airbnb

Airbnb is one of my new favorite booking sites as we sometimes prefer to get a house rather then a hotel room so that we can be more comfortable, especially when traveling with the kids! I have been working on booking an up coming week long stay in Hilton Head and started looking into Airbnb’s cancellation…

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