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Long’s Drugs Are Everywhere Down South – Where To Find Vanilla Reloads

After our recent experience picking up Vanilla Reloads at the Long’s Drugs store in Oahu, I decided to take a closer look to see if there were any Long’s Drug stores here in the south. Come to find it, there are. And a lot of them! As some of you have found out, you can…

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How To Use Bluebird To Send Money

One of the great features about Bluebird® by American Express is that you can easily send money to other Bluebird accounts through their online site. Here’s how you can send money through Bluebird: First login to your Bluebird Account by entering your username and password. Once logged in, select the “Send Money” option from the drop…

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Two Cities With Plenty Of Vanilla Reloads

I travel a lot and one thing I’ve noticed is that I can find Vanilla Reload cards in smaller cities easier than I can in my home town. There are two particular small-ish cities where I’ve never had trouble finding Vanilla Reloads at a particular 3 letter named drugstore. Once I find them I use…

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