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Why I’m Getting The SimplyCash® Business Card

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The SimplyCash® Business Card from American Express is one card that I am considering signing up for. This card offers a generous 5% cash back on office supply stores as well as 3% cash back on a category of your choice giving the consumer a lot of flexibility in what they value most. Why I’m Getting The SimplyCash®…

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Amazing! $20 Back On $20 Amex Offer For You At!

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Hurry on over to your American Express account to check for what was widely available on all 5 of my cards, $20 statement credit on $20 Sams Club online purchase! Add this offer to your accounts now because enrollment is limited! This one is a total no brainer and even if you don’t have Sam’s…

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Freddie Awards Events In Atlanta This Week

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It’s that time of year again. When all of the loyalty executives from airlines, hotel and credit card companies to name a few get together to celebrate what is otherwise the “customers choice” awards of the travel and loyalty industry. The Freddie Awards converges on the great city of Atlanta this week to celebrate the annual…

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