When Will Centurion Lounges Extend Hours?

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American Express reopened their Centurion Lounges last September after closing them all for 6+ months in the start of the pandemic. However, with the lounges reopening, came reduced hours and most of these hours haven’t been extended since.

Fast forward almost a year since the lounges started to reopen, and travel has picked back up, now we’re facing crowded Centurion lounges often times with waits to enter but even worst is the hours. These lounges are typically closing hours before the last departure, and food is taken away up to an hour before closing.

For example, the Centurion Lounge Las Vegas closes at 7pm. Pre-pandemic, this lounge was open till 11pm. Las Vegas has tons of evening departures, with many redeye flights yet the lounge hours don’t reflect the current flight schedule.

Another lounge, that comes to mind that needs to update its hours is the Centurion Lounge Phoenix which is open from 8am to 7pm. Phoenix has tons of early morning Southwest and American Airlines departures in Terminal 4 which the lounge doesn’t accommodate. For context, the Admirals Club, Concourse A opens at 5am.

In Dallas, the Centurion Lounge Dallas Fort Worth is open from 7 am – 7:30 pm. Again, DFW being an American Airlines hub, has tons of late night departures. Many of the Admirals Clubs in Dallas close at 10:15pm, which is what the Centurion lounge here needs to be extended to.

Additionally another issue I have with many of the Centurion lounge is that food service ends a full hour before the lounge closes. An example of this is the Centurion Lounge Denver which already closes early at 8pm. However, their food is removed from the lounge at 7pm. Not sure why food is taken away a full hour before the lounge closes.

What are your thoughts on the reduced hours of the American Express Centurion Lounges? When will Amex start extending the hours of these lounges? Feel free to share your comments below. 

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  1. MIA closes at 8 pm. I have seem fifty people asked to leave. This is horrible after paying 695.00

  2. It’s outrageous how early these lounges closes, and how Amex is kicking out sometimes a packed lounge of passengers since they decide to close at 7pm. Please consider bringing back your old hours and staying open till 11pm.

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  4. I’m closing my Amex platinum over this issue. It was one thing when all the red eyes were mostly cancelled from SEA, but it has just gotten truly outrageous. I ended up paying for an Alaska lounge membership because of how much I hate the SEA Amex lounge.

    Last time I went to the SEA Amex lounge I arrived at 6:45pm and had to wait almost 35 minutes to get in. No big deal. Got there at 7:25 barely got a glass of wine before they closed the bar with no announcement! No food was available. Best part, I got snarled at for putting my bag on one of the many empty tables that was 6 inches from the table I sat at (assumed it was part of the table I was sat at). I had the glass of wine and walked out. Instead the lounge should have advised me that everything would have been closed when I got in and I would have gone to another lounge.

  5. COVID……the universal excuse for crappy service. To all of you who cheerfully accepted this for the past year……thanks (not really)

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