Free International Texting With iPhone App

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Texting someone at home from an international trip can get expensive. But after a few taps on the iPhone, you can text or call home for free. All you need to text internationally for free is a wifi connection and the text+ application for the iPhone.



The text+ application can be downloaded from the App Store. Following a few simple steps will have you texting your heart out internationally for free in no time.

  • Open the text+ application
  • Set up a free username and get a free text number with text+
  • Enter the phone number or select one of your contacts from your iPhone
  • Enjoy free international texting

In my experience the texting is totally free and works well. You might want to let someone know who you are the first time you text from your text+ number since they may not be familiar with the new number. Once the application is downloaded, you can get a free account and phone number. Setting up an account and username is easy.


Bottom Line

Mobile phone carriers charge an arm and a leg for international texting. If you download an application and find a wifi network you can text internationally for free in no time at all. The only downside I see from text+ is the ads they serve up on the app screen.

And this can be used domestically as well. This weekend I was in the mountains with no wireless phone service. But I had a wireless network available. So I fired up text+ and was able to text when I had no service.

Do you use text+ or another application to text internationally for free?

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  1. I use WhatsApp, which seems to be very commonly used, but you can only text other WhatsApp users. This will let you text any number worldwide directly, or just US numbers?

  2. Viber is great, free phone calls and text internationally,but only to other Viber users. I have also text pic’s with Viber.

  3. It seems kinda neat. It is also for Android as it is in the Android marketplace. I just grabbed it to try. You can only, at this point, text to US phone numbers. To make this thing a home run would be to be able to txt to phones world wide. Thanks for the tip and will tinker with this puppy a bit more! – Rene

  4. Or if the recipients have iPhones, just make sure “Send as SMS” is turned off in settings and use iMessage.

  5. WhatsAPP is the way to go for sure. I used to extensively in Malaysia using my Sprint phone on WiFi…a real lifesaver for me.

  6. I’m going to South Korea for a year a need a texting app. If my parents or friends do not have a smart phone, can I text them or will they be charged a lot if they don’t have the app themselves.

  7. Hi-

    Just wondering, anyway this app can assign me a French texting number?
    I’ll be living there soon and really need an app where French (non-smartphones) can text me where it’s free for them and me!

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