Confirmation emails go out for amazing AA Elite challenge

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One of the benefits of feverishly checking Boarding Area is getting in on the quick-to-be-pulled deals.  I was lucky enough to get in on the (probably a mistake) American Airlines Executive Platinum Challenge alerted to me via AAdvantage Geek.

I heard rumblings they planned to honor the offer but today AA sent out an email confirmation which eliminates any of the doubt.


AAdvantage elite-status membership received through this offer is valid through February 28, 2015.

I am thinking of creative ways to meet this threshold in a very short period of time but in reality I will probably sit this one out.  Did you receive the confirmation email?  Will you go for the challenge?

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  1. Can you give me an insight as to why you want to sit this one out? I have also signed up for it. Was planning on doing an MR to ANC gets me to gold for starters.

  2. There are some LGA -> SEA routes with a layover in DFW that are 6,000 miles for sliiightly over 6 cents/mile at $360 R/T. Also, don’t know how to pull it off but theflightdeal had an AA sale to St. Lucia for really cheap, and that flight is easily over 6,000

  3. Just got our confirmation emails as well. I have a feeling I will end up sitting this one out as I can’t seem to convince myself to do a MR with a 1 year old. But it is an amazing “whoops” on AA’s part!

  4. I just got the confirmation email today. I had already booked a Sep trip to Boston so that’s 3600 miles. But, I understand that some fare codes will not qualify and all of the good MRs that I put together are in O, one of the codes that might not work. Have to look into that. According to my calculations I should be able to do 32K miles for about $2100 (best scenario). That’s a new refurbished Mac and 2 iPads! But 8 SWUs are worth something. I’m guessing I won’t make it to Exe Plat but I’ll at least get Gold, which isn’t that great IMO.

  5. @100K–where do you see that some fare codes aren’t qualifying? seems like it’s their standard elite standard qualifying miles set up.

  6. Yesterday on one of these blogs one of the guests said that and it was someone who is another blogger. I’ll look for that and get back.

  7. @WanderingEntrepreneur – It was pulled very quickly.

    @mullising – It is certainly an amazing offer but I am a Denver flyer and American options out of Denver are not exciting. Domestic upgrades don’t excite me so I stick with Southwest for all domestic flying.

  8. I see the discussion concerns EQM and EQP. So I must have misunderstood it. Sorry.
    Pete said,
    I booked O fare on for my EXP challenge. Will I get full credit because on AA site it says .50 pts?

    Wandering Aramean said,
    @Pete: The rules for this challenge specify that EQMs are counted, not EQPs. That means you should be earning 100% on all eligible fares, no 50% and no bonus for premium cabin.

  9. Yes, I’m signed up and will try to aim for Platinum. Looking forward to searching for good MR’s out of San Diego.

  10. I just read my email from AA. It does say “Elite-Qualifying
    Miles Required” so I guess I don’t need to worry about the “points” I get for a MR (even in O) because I still get the miles credited towards status. I appreciate all of your collective wisdom.

  11. I love this blog and others but I have to say I am a bit irritated at people who are sitting out after signing up. I didn’t get to get in on this one because I was a bit too late. Then it closed because of high traffic. I would have loved to do it but it’s really disheartening to hear about people who signed up and are wasting the opportunity. It’s like rubbing it in the loser’s face. I may be alone on this one but oh well. Shrug.

  12. Heather,

    I’m in the same boat, I think I missed the window by an hou r =( I called AA and emailed them and no go for me either…. =(

  13. “Yes, I’m signed up and will try to aim for Platinum. Looking forward to searching for good MR’s out of San Diego.” Just FYI – Alaska just launched a very lucrative buy 2 RT’s get one free offer for flights out of SAN. Check it out on their web page.

  14. I received my confirmation e-mail as well. I’m wavering on whether I should actually go through with this. With my planned September flying, I’ll requalify for A-List with WN and I’ll hit Premier Gold with UA. I’ve been Premier Silver and A-List for the past 3 years. I don’t expect to have nearly enough activity in the fourth quarter to qualify for A-list Preferred or Premier Platinum, so anything I do will be a manufactured spend.

  15. I got the auto-reply confirmation for registering and it cites the promo code, but I didn’t get this confirmation email. Any way to know whether I’m still enrolled?

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