Full Flat Business Elite Seat 1D On Delta’s 767 Domestic Route

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One of the best ways to get upgraded as a Delta Medallion member is to carefully select the plane you fly. For example, an internationally configured plane, like the 767 with winglets, has more seats in the premium cabin than most domestically configured planes. So more seats means more of a chance to get the upgrade. Plus, flying an internationally configured planes means there is a high likely hood you’ll find fully flat bed seats. Airline Credit Cards

Full Flat Business Elite Seat

Since I recently had the opportunity to fly several internationally configured planes on domestic routes, I decided to try out a different seat on each of the segments. In this series of posts, I’ll share review several different fully flat seats on Delta’s 767 internationally configured plane.

I took the picture below as I was boarding and thought it would be the only picture of the outside of the plane. I was way off on that assumption. Moments before boarding I tweeted Delta Assist to see if it was possible to take additional pictures, but I didn’t hear back immediately so I boarded the plane.

Delta 767 Flat Bed Left Side Plane Take Off

A few moments after I settled into seat 1D, a man in a suit introduced himself as a JFK general manager for Delta.

Delta 767 Flat Bed Front Cabin

He suggested taking some close up pictures of the plane, which I thought made total sense. Here are the photos from a walk around of the Delta 767 at JFK.

Delta 767 Flat Bed Left Side Of Plane

Delta 767 Flat Bed Engine Front

Delta 767 Flat Bed Engine Front Left

Delta 767 Flat Bed Engine Left Side

Delta 767 Flat Bed Wing Tip Left Front

Delta 767 Flat Bed Wing Tip Left

Delta 767 Flat Bed Tail

Delta 767 Flat Bed Cargo Load

Delta 767 Flat Bed Under Wing

Delta 767 Flat Bed Engine Left

Delta 767 Flat Bed Front Wheels

Back to the internationally configured Business Elite cabin with fully flat seats. My upgrade had cleared several days in advance so I had the pick of the cabin in terms of ability to select my desired seat.

Delta 767 Flat Bed Cabin

The middle seats were an option. I generally find the middle seats are the last ones to get picked. Likely because most of the folks in the cabin are on business trips and you don’t have a seatmate if you sit in a window seat.

Delta 767 Flat Bed Front Row Leg Room

Delta 767 Flat Bed Front Row

I had never sat in the front row of this configuration so I chose seat 1D in the first row on the right side of the aircraft.

Delta 767 Flat Bed Seat 1D Upright

The new Delta Business Elite seats on the 767 have a small aisle into the seat. But you have to select an odd seat at the window to get it because the window seats are either right up against the window or have the aisle / armrest under which lies the legroom area of the passenger located behind. I always select the window seat that is right up against the window. First of all, it is right up against the window and provides easy viewing out the window. Second, it gives you a small aisle with more privacy from the middle seats. But some people think it makes the seat more claustrophobic.

Delta 767 Flat Bed 1D Hallway

The in flight entertainment systems are new and offer a great selection of movies, tv shows, the flight map and other features.

Delta 767 Flat Bed IFE and Leg Room

Delta 767 Flat Bed Seat 1D

A few moments are re-settling into my seat, the pre-departure drinks were served. I went with the red wine instead of the usual.

Delta 767 Flat Bed Pre-Departure Beverage

We took off and headed south towards Atlanta. The right side of the plane had great views of lower Manhattan.

Delta 767 Flat Bed View of New York 3

Delta 767 Flat Bed View of New York 2

Delta 767 Flat Bed View of New York 1

The meal service on this flight is great. Generally only cold meals are served, but it was good. I went with the pastrami on rie and it was probably one of the best sandwiches I’d ever had on a Delta flight.

Delta 767 Flat Bed Pastrami

Delta 767 Flat Bed Fruit

But the real treat was the cheesecake dessert. It was delicious!

Delta 767 Flat Bed Cheese Cake

Bottom Line

Overall this was a great flight and I really enjoyed seat 1D. I liked it because it felt private. In addition, they served from the front of the plane, so refills were quick and I had my first choice of entree.

Selecting an internationally configured plane on a domestic route will greatly increase your chances of getting an upgrade. Plus, an upgrade on the internationally configured planes will likely mean a full flat bed on your domestic route.

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  1. Since you’ve flown both on the bulkhead 1D and also 5D – it would be great to hear your view of the foot/legroom of the bulkhead verses a non bulkhead row.

  2. Piggybacking on what “Mike” said – I’m surprised you didn’t mention the larger footwell for better legroom in the bulkhead seats. IMO, a huge benefit of selecting row 1 on the flat bed 767s. I had 1B on LHR-ATL awhile back and the extra foot space was very noticeable.

  3. In case you ever want to get theat “cheesecake” again, ask for it by the name of tiramisu at a restaurant, because that’s what it actually is. And yes, it is good- I often ask for it even if I am not hungry for the meal on DL flights.

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