Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Missing From “Deliberate Action”

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According to this report and a statement from Malaysia’s Prime minister, the latest evidence to emerge around the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight 370 points to a “deliberate action” being taken. More information is emerging and the authorities and investigators are uncovering potential directions where the plane may have traveled after losing contact.

Malaysia’s prime minister announced in a Saturday news conference that deviated from it’s route as a result of a “deliberate action” from someone onboard the plane.

This conclusion is based on a few new emerging facts:

  • The 777’s transponder was disabled – requiring disabling a circuit breaker
  • Shutdown of the onboard reporting system – which can be done from the computer in the cockpit
  • Last signal from plane was received at 8:11 am local time – 7 hours after the last contact

Based on the timing of the last ping from the satellite, the plane is estimated to have traveled in one of two corridors. The Northwest corridor would have the plane on a path towards Kazakhstan or Southwest in the Indian Ocean west of Perth.

More information is beginning to emerge and the search continues…

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  1. Well, duuuuhhhh. We’ve known for almost a week that there was a deliberate action. Glad the Malaysians finally admitted it. Of course as to who and why we may never know.

  2. sounds like a well thought out plan, fly to burn up fuel weight and be able to land in less runway space.

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