How To Load Bluebird With Gift Cards

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Not to long ago the news broke that certain stores would no longer allow the purchase of Vanilla Reloads with credit cards. That was big news as a lot of people only knew how to load Bluebird by using Vanilla Reloads from a three letter store. But there is another way. Below are some steps I’ve taken that work for me.

Step 1: Purchase Gift Cards With Pin At Stores

I’ve purchased the Vanilla One cards in the past, but there are reports of a few other cards working with this approach. The cards I’m mentioning are at the top of the picture below.

CVS Gift Card Rack


Step 2: Drive To Walmart, Use Automated Kiosk To Load Bluebird

Go to the automated kiosk and select the option to load Bluebird. Then follow the prompts and use your gift card you just purchased. I usually set my pin at the kiosk, because the first time you use the card you can select a pin and that will be the pin for the card.


Step 3: Verify

Always verify your funds were properly loaded and take a receipt. You’ll now be on your way to pay everyday bills through your Bluebird account.


Bottom Line

This approach isn’t as quick or cost effective as using the old Vanilla Reloads was. I even still ask to purchase the old Vanilla Reloads from time to time just in case, but it hasn’t worked yet. Until it does, I’ll continue using this approach.


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  1. Don’t understand about the PIN. Are you setting the PIN for the gift card, or for the Bluebird at the kiosk? Can you run through what you do at the kiosk?

  2. Just what we need more pictures, points and arrows! Oh, you also need an ugly gf in the pic

  3. The PIN is for the gift card. There is no PIN for Bluebird. I stay away from the OneVanilla GC because I want to set up the PIN before I go WM kiosk and you can’t do it with OneVanilla GC. Flip the GC and look on the back to see which bank issues the GC. Most VISA or MC GC at grocery store are issued bu US Bank or Meta Bank and you can call the 1800# to set the PIN.

  4. “Automated kiosk ” is that the money center machine most wm don’t have our the self checkout line?

  5. There are a very limited amount of kiosk ATM’s in NJ @ WM. Where there are Money Pass ATM’s in NJ, they reject GC’s. Must be a bank debit card to load BB @ WM in NJ. If someone can prove me wrong, please do?

  6. Noneya, I really don’t understand your need to attack someone personally like that. If you disagree with a blogger’s approach, you could certainly say that in a civil way.

  7. Today I was told by WM cashier that BB reloads have to be done at the money center cashier This is a new policy.

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