Huge Delta Sky Club Enhancement – A True Game Changer For Business Traveler Breakfast

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Here comes Delta with another huge Sky Club enhancement. This time it’s a good one and a true game changer.

The average Delta business traveler (based on my scientific first hand knowledge) gets up early in the morning, catches an Uber or drives to the airport, and heads to the Sky Club lounge. Currently, most Sky Clubs offer the coffee from the instant coffee machine. The coffee isn’t great. You know what your getting and it does it’s job, but there was and is opportunity for more. In comes the Delta Seattle Sky Club.

The other day several of us were waiting outside of the Sky Club in Seattle at 5 AM, the lounge opening time. About 2 minutes after 5 am the attendant opened the doors and greeted us. I wouldn’t have thought anything different until she mentioned we were turning on the new coffee machine. Wait, what?

I inquired and she shared that they had the first in the U.S. Starbucks Coffee machine in any Delta Sky Club. It was only 2.5 weeks old and they were still working out the kinks on how to turn it on and get it going. But she also gave me a nugget, that they are testing it out and she’s not sure, but they may be considering rolling them out across the rest of the domestic Sky Clubs.

Starbucks Coffee In Delta Sky Club

What better place than Seattle to introduce or test (not confirmed with my Delta HQ sources at this point) a game changing enhancement to the morning cup of coffee with a Starbucks coffee machine.

So naturally one by one EVERYONE of the people in line walked straight for the new Starbucks coffee machine. There it was in all its glory by the bar.

Starbucks Coffee In Delta Sky Club

This is such an enhancement for the business traveler. They even have to-go cups. Simply amazing. It’s next to the enhanced morning drink and snack selection so grabbing breakfast in the lounge was a breeze.

Starbucks Coffee In Delta Sky Club

Starbucks Coffee In Delta Sky Club

The hard boiled eggs are a great addition to the breakfast spread along with the usual fresh fruit, yogurt and granola. All of them make for a more healthy breakfast choice than the bagels and cream cheese.

Starbucks Coffee In Delta Sky Club

Once it was my turn, I looked overall the selections and went with my favorite, the Americano with one sugar (in the first cup only, after that it was black). But there were so many options. And all the flavors were on the side to the right, caramel, vanilla, hazelnut and one more.

Starbucks Coffee In Delta Sky Club

After picking up coffee and breakfast I headed over to the window to enjoy my new coffee in this great new lounge.

Starbucks Coffee In Delta Sky Club

Starbucks Coffee In Delta Sky Club

Bottom Line

Delta has introduced or is testing a new Starbucks Coffee machine in the Seattle Sky Club which if rolled out nationally, has the potential to be a game changer for the business travelers who visit the Delta Sky Club. Granted, Delta is still my second lounge choice for happy hour, that title belongs to the best Sky Club in Atlanta, but a Starbucks machine in every lounge would be amazing for business travelers.

Have you used this Starbucks machine in the Seattle Sky Club? What about any other lounges, have you seen a Starbucks machine in any other Sky Club yet?

And the bigger question, what kind of coffee are you drinking this morning.

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  1. For the outrageous sky club membership fee you could buy a normal Starbucks each time with fruit and still come out ahead. I’ll pass.

  2. Yeah, but the Board Room has a pancake printer. I would visit the SkyClub for the shower more than for… Starbucks? lol

  3. I’ve seen a similar machine in the Alaska Airlines Board Room for as long as I can remember. Plus pancakes 🙂

    But neither machine is as good as just going to Dilettante or Cafe Vita for something made by a pro.

  4. Why would you wake up early so you can hang out in the lounge at 5am. Just show up 15 minutes before your flight and get more sleep!

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