Delta 767 First Class – I Won Ben Stein’s Coffee

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Before I get to the post about dinner with DMX on an Airbus A321, I figured I’d share a report from my last Delta 767 First Class flight. On flights to the west coast, I typically look for a widebody aircraft, like Delta’s 777, A330 or internationally configured 767. None of those were an option for this day, so I chose what I thought was the next best thing, a domestically configured Delta 767. The flight and service were great. The seats not so great. And there were two celebrity sightings in First Class, but more on that later.

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Delta 767 First Class Seats & Boarding

The first class cabin appears to be spacious on this flight with 30 seats. But unfortunately looks are deceiving. The Delta 767 First Class seats have a 37-38 inch pitch with only 18 inch width making it one of the less generous configurations space wise. The 757 planes that operate this route have much greater seat width with a similar pitch.

Delta 767 First Class

You can get a sense for the seat 18 inch width in the picture below. Kinda tight to begin with and then when you add in a reclined seat, you are fairly restricted in terms of space.

Delta 767 First Class

Delta 767 Comfort Plus

The new Delta 767 Comfort Plus seats were in full force on this flight. They look great, really they do.

Delta 767 First Class

The two seater side seats on this 767 are really a great option for couples flying together and the middle three seat section is really great for families with small children traveling together.

Delta 767 First Class

Delta 767 First Class Meal Service

Meal service started about 45 minutes after takeoff. We were given option of a vegetarian pasta dish or a beef dish with a side of potatoes, carrots and a side salad. I decided to go with the beef dish to try it out since I’ve had some good ones in the past, like the short ribs.

First up was the drink order. On this long flight, I decided to pace myself, avoiding the typical Woodford Reserve and opting instead for a glass of red wine.

Delta 767 First Class

The meal was presented nicely with both courses (entree and salad) served at the same time.

Delta 767 First Class


The salad was fresh and delicious. The bread was warm and soft on the inside. Two great compliments to the good looking entree. Unfortunately the beef was a little chewy although the carrots and mash potatoes were tasty. I’d probably opt for the vegetarian pasta with salad and bread next flight over this option.

Delta 767 First Class

Delta 767 First Class Dessert

On this flight the dessert option was a Gelati Da Limoncello served in a plastic cup. I like the way this is served actually. But I do prefer chocolate ice-cream over Limoncello in almost every case.

Delta 767 First Class

I Won Ben Stein’s Coffee

Dee Snider and Ben Stein in the same cabin? Talk about two polar opposites. Ben Stein hosted the popular TV show “Win Ben Stein’s Money” in the late 90’s through early 2000’s. He boarded and headed to the last row behind me. Dee Snider was in the middle of the cabin, also in the last row. Talk about a famous last row of First Class. Had I only chosen the aisle seat between the two of them, darn.

About half way through the flight, I got up to stretch my legs at about the same time the flight attendant was walking down the aisle with one of my favorite snacks, coffee and biscoff cookies. Here’s the exchange:

Weekly Flyer: “I’d love one of those when you have a moment”

Flight Attendant: “Oh, please take this one, I’ll just go get another one”

Weekly Flyer: “Are you sure, I don’t mind waiting”

Flight Attendant: “No problem at all, I’ll just go get another one for the other passenger”

So there I was holding another passenger’s coffee. But who’s was it? I settled back into my seat with my cup of liquid gold and sweet biscoff cookies to watch the flight attendant deliver the next cup of coffee to no one other than Ben Stein himself. I instantly thought “sweet, I just won Ben Stein’s coffee” which I don’t think actually made the coffee taste any better. But was an interesting situation regardless.

Delta 767 First Class

Delta 767 First Class

Dee had a few people in his entourage with him seated in the same row. At boarding they had a seat mix up so the whole crew was playing musical chairs.

Delta 767 First Class

Bottom Line

The Delta 767 First Class seats have a 37-38 inch pitch with only 18 inch width making it kinda tight on the 767. I’d much prefer a 757 with greater seat width and similar pitch. If you have the chance to select flight options and you are already in First Class, consider avoiding this 767 configuration style if you enjoy more space. But if you are in economy, there are more First Class seats on this plane than there are First Class seats on the typical 757.

Have you flown this configuration before? What did you think?

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  1. An advantage to the 767 over the 757 is that on red eyes getting a seat in the middle section on 767s means you can sleep without having to disturb or be disturbed by the person sitting next to you when nature calls.

  2. I hope u didn’t answer ben’s questions in the form of a question in case he had the dunce cap from the show with him. I’m a fan of Win Ben Stein’s Money and I loved when players were forced to wear the dunce cap.

  3. I’m sorry you didn’t get to taste the Amaretto Chocolate Gelati Da. That flavor along with Vanilla Marsala are also offered on Delta Air Lines 1st Class.

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