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Flight Review: Southwest Airlines New Interior On BWI-LAS Flight

a blue seats in an airplane

In late May, we wrote about the new interior that would start appearing in Southwest Airlines fleet of -800 series aircraft. The new interior is currently featured in just three airplanes so far, and I was pretty excited on Sunday to have the airplane known as N8689C at gate A-4 at Baltimore Washington International Airport…

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Delta Business Class Amenity Kit – Delta One Tumi Kit 

a seat in an airplane

It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed the Delta Business Class Amenity Kit. The latest Delta One Business Class amenity kit is made by Tumi, and it’s pretty neat reusable piece for travel. Here’s a look at what is inside. Delta Business Class Amenity Kit – Delta One Tumi Kit First, the kit come wrapped…

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Delta First Class Meal Update – New Meal

a view of the earth from the sky

Delta first class meals have been improving over the past few years. Recently we ran across two new meals so we thought we’d share a Delta first class meal update. We’ll share two new meals, complete with pictures, that we recently experienced. Usually Delta offers two meal options in First Class. This flight was no…

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Delta First Class Breakfast Quiche

a bag with magazines and a drink in it

Eating a plane isn’t always idea. Menu choices are sparse and you generally only have one or maybe two options. This Delta First Class Breakfast menu was new and sounded good, so I had to try it . On this flight from the New York Area an old Boeing 717-200 plane, Delta served two options, and my selection good.…

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Advanced Frequent Flyer Trivia: Guy Walks Onto Plane – Who Is He?

a person sitting on the seats of an airplane

Here’s a more advanced frequent flyer trivia question. One that frequent flyers will no doubtely know the answer but may stump the average traveler. I was surprised how easy it was to know the answer. So here we go. A guy walks on to a plane. Who is he? Here are some factoids to help…

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American 777 Honoring Our Past Amenity Kit

a seat with a bag on it

Good morning London. The 777-300 Los Angeles to London American flight not only has the new Flat-Bed seats, but also has the limited time amenity kits that American Airlines is “honoring our past” with. The new seats really are a huge improvement. The legroom gives plenty of space to stretch out and monitor is huge.…

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Video: Gotham Air Manhattan To JFK

a helicopter on a dock

Just this past weekend the amazing priced Gotham Air Helicopter that gets you from Manhattan to JFK Airport in as little as six minutes, became bookable. The introductory $99 fare isn’t so bad, and when you think about the fact that it could save a ton of extra time or even save making your flight…

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Delta 767 First Class – I Won Ben Stein’s Coffee

a plane with seats in the back

Before I get to the post about dinner with DMX on an Airbus A321, I figured I’d share a report from my last Delta 767 First Class flight. On flights to the west coast, I typically look for a widebody aircraft, like Delta’s 777, A330 or internationally configured 767. None of those were an option…

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Delta First Class Dinner Sandwich

a plate of food on a table

On a recent flight back home to Atlanta, I was offered a choice of Delta First Class dinner options including a sandwich or Salmon. The last time I tried the sandwich was onboard one of Delta’s internationally configured 767 planes in Business Elite. It was good then so I thought “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it”.…

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Delta Starbucks First Class Review

a hand holding a cup of coffee

Delta Starbucks coffee has been added to all of Delta flights as of February 1, 2015. A few weeks ago, I found the one Starbucks coffee machine in all of the Sky Clubs, and it made for some great coffee. So on this flight, I just had to try out a freshly brewed cup of Starbucks quality…

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US Airways First Class Review A321

an airplane wing and a blue sky

Regular readers know we here at Points, Miles & Martinis usually fly Delta Airlines when possible, both for convenience, inflight experience and for reliability. So it was a departure from the norm when we decided to book 5 US Airways First Class awards on the same flight to the west coast on a recent ski…

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Delta First Class Breakfast Burrito

a tray with food on it

Good morning all you Delta Flyers out there. And a good morning to all you Delta haters as well. It’s another day, and if you have another flight on the books, that may mean there is another Delta breakfast option to melt your mouth. In the past, we’ve shared Delta’s First Class Lox Croissant Breakfast, Delta’s First Class Omelette, another…

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First Look: New Delta Comfort+ On Delta 767

a row of seats in an airplane

Delta has recently announced their new premium economy class called Comfort+. The new premium economy class comes with perks like free alcoholic drinks, snacks, newly designed seats and extra legroom. These seats are being rolled out and I hadn’t seen them yet, until tonight. First Look: New Delta Comfort+ On Delta 767 As I boarded…

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Delta 737-900ER Economy Comfort – First Impressions

an airplane wing and the sky

On a recent trip home from Seattle I had the opportunity to select a flight operated by one of Delta’s many jets. And without question, I chose the newest Jet in their fleet on this route, the 737-900. It turns out I was not alone. Based on the Double MQM promotion offer to or from Seattle,…

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