Anyone Else Locked Out of Chase Online Account?

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I’ve becoming frustrated with Chase lately, when I’ve tried to access my online account. For the past several weeks when I’ve tried to login, I get an error that my User ID and password are Inactive.

I have to call up Chase who verifies some information and then when will reset my account and I’m able to log-in again, but this has been happening several times to me, and don’t really know what to do.

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 3.23.01 PM

When I call, the agent says it’s due to security, but it seems like something else must be going on if my account is becoming inactive so much.

Has anyone else experienced their accounts becoming inactive with Chase? I’d be interested to hear if others are also having this problem.

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  1. My fiance is currently experiencing this problem now. We are less than two weeks from the wedding, and every time she uses Quickpay to send money to someone, the account freezes and she can’t access anything. The first time she was able to get it settled over the phone, but now “Customer service” won’t do anything over the phone. Any advice on what to say the someone at the branch when we have to go in?

  2. I was using my own bank’s pay bills feature for many months.
    When I needed to pay using my Chase online account, I found they no longer had any record of me having online access and I had to then use the forgot name and password link.
    I think it is poor customer service and they should warn users before become inactive.

  3. I’ve had a similar issue where every month when I log in to pay my bill, it tells me my login info is wrong & I have to reset my password despite writing it down to make sure I don’t enter it wrong. I know I’m entering the right password, but I have to change it every month to log in.

  4. I’m having this problem, but every time I go to reset it (this has been going on for a couple of weeks) it tells me the cite I’m looking for is currently down! SO frustrating!

  5. I haven’t received any claim that my account is inactive, but it seems that Chase has simply chosen to stop storing my passwords as every time I try to log in it claims that I have to wrong username/password combo, even if I literally just changed the password.

  6. I have had this recurring issue for the past year and a half. Every time I call to get the account reactivated, I cannot get a straight answer as to why the account credentials become deactivated. The best the customer representative can tell me is that I do not log on for a certain period of time, but he or she can never tell me what that time period is. It really makes me NOT want to use my Chase Sapphire Reserved Card. I stumbled upon this post because my account has been deactivated again. Cold comfort that others seem to be experiencing this as well.

  7. This is happening to me too. I’ve changed it so many times and today it won’t accept any new passwords I’m creating, even though I’m meeting all the security requirements. This is crazy.

  8. The specialist asked me the wrong question and my account is locked, the only way to get it solved would be go to US, I am in Canada.

    My account got deactived when I tried to do a wire transfer. When I called in to active my account, the specialist could not speak proper English, it took him 3 minutes to get the correct card number. Then he asked me the wrong question, instead of asking where I was working when I opened the account, he asked me where I am working now. So, he got my account locked.

    I talked to a manager Venissa at Fraud Dept, she said she would get back to me in 3 days, and she will listen to the recording. Its been more than 3 weeks, she did not get back to me.

    I called in a few times after that, the only way I could have my account unlocked would be going to US and unlock it in a branch. Today, I called chase again, talked to another manager Christian, he said he would email her for updates. Hopefully, I can get this fixed.

  9. Same thing!!! It’s very time consuming and I don’t have time to keep doing this! We are going to close the account and go elsewhere. I AM DONE WITH THIS NONSENSE!!!

  10. I am having similar problems trying to reset my login information. After I enter my information (SSN and Credit card account number) I get a message that “this feature is not working at this time- Please try again later”. I’ve tried 3 times over several days and same message! This is unacceptable for a major company.

    Note: Dear Chase Bank:: I hope you are listening. You are losing valuable customers. We have other options.

  11. Chase locked me out of my business and personal accounts without warning after blocking a wire transfer and speaking to a snobby supervisor in the Philippines with bad English. I’m out of the country working and they said I have to go into a branch! Not the first time I’m locked out. My bookkeeper is also locked out, and I need to pay my employees!

  12. This just happened to me today. First I call after I cannot get into my online account. A rep gets al my personal info and then puts me on hold. Then he gets back on and tells me the department that handles lockouts is not available at 7PM est. He says he will put a note on my account. There is supposedly a fraudulent charge on my account but he will not tell me what it is. Nor try to get me to confirm my transactions. He made me very angry made and nervous. So I hung up. I will deal with this issue in person at a brick and mortar bank tomorrow. 3-12-19. Their website even says to never give info over the phone….? Well how do they confirm identity then? Aren’t I the one who is supposed to report fraudulent charges? Or are they insinuating that I committed some sort of fraud? This is very maddening!…..

  13. I am locked out of my Chase account can’t get my money all I know is the last four numbers a my name

  14. I have the same problem. Can’t create a user ID and password because the bank doesn’t recognize my account number, the same account number that is on the statement I get from them every month. Weird. And my statement says that I should set up online access to my account.

  15. I got the same bad experience. After my account was locked, the customer service gave me completely incorrect instructions——they told me I need to reinitiate a new quick pay request. I followed their instructions, and then my account was locked again and again. Finally they told me I need to go to their US branch to unlock my account. I am at Hong Kong.

  16. I am trying to get my account balance, but every time I try by phone/mobile or computer, page says it does not recognize my user name and/or password. No help available by phone after hours. This is a crazy way to run a business!

  17. Just happened to me too. After reading all of the comments calling won’t do any good. Best advice is to into the bank see if that helps.

  18. I’ve been facing the issue for the past one year now. I don’t know how to fix this and it is quite frustrating!
    Did anyone find any solution for this? It’s be much helpful if you can share it!

  19. Tried to get my points cashed in (due to needing money, due to being out of work due to Covid-19), couldn’t go it online (account locked for “my protection”), so I called – message says that due to Covid-19, they have less call centers open and to go online instead… ! That’s why I tried going online initially! Anyway… after TWO HOURS on hold, they send me to fraud (they shouldn’t have), then they send me over to online tech-support. Then while on hold with tech-support, THEY hung up on me. Then I just screamed.

  20. This just has happen to me like last month called the chase bank many times they said we can’t not open your account again you can’t used a different email or change your card or your username and password chase also said we are no longer doing business with you go to another bank to open your account

    Chase bank: don’t want to keep their Customers

  21. Chase VISA is the Absolute WORST! Have not been able to access my online account for Months. MONTHS! Everytime I call, I am told that it’s a “technical issue.” Then when I try to set up a new account, I get the error message that says I basically don’t exist in their system.

    Buh Bye, Chase.

  22. Not sure anyone will see this but here goes. My problem is not getting my account locked but rather their web site can not seem to remember my password. I try to log on and it gives me the standard password or user name does not match our records or something like that. I hit the key for create a new one, go through entering the info, be very careful to write down the new password, I also use a password program which saves it afterwards. Do what I need to do and log off, try to log on same thing again. I even called their support one day after 30 minutes or so, I gave up and said thanks. I even put in a new password, gave it to him to try and same result. Of course this bunch wants me to use paperless billing too, yea right!

  23. If chase says we locked your account to protect you from unusual activity, does it mean my account is frozen?

  24. Chase locked my account after I tried to send $30 thru Quickpay. I called and verified my account to unlock it. Then I tried to resend the $30 again, and they locked my account again. What’s wrong with Chase? Took forever to get thru a live person to resolve the issue. I will change to another bank. They keep blocking my account up for no obvious reasons!!!! So frustrated with them!!!!

  25. It has always happened to me. I have to reset my username and password everytime. I am really tired of it.

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