My Run-In With Trump, A Trip Report

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I travel a lot! And sometimes I happen to run into celebrities along the way. It is always quite fun to see someone or sit next to someone famous on the plane. As reported by The New York Times, Donald Trump stayed at a some what surprising choice of hotels in Iowa last week. As it turns out, I too was in Iowa and ran into him in the lobby of my hotel.

My Run-In With Trump, A Trip Report

Mr. Trump, who has rarely spent the night in one of the early states during the campaign, stayed at the relatively new hotel in western Iowa on Friday night, the first of a two-night stay in Iowa as he makes a heavy push for votes in the Feb. 1 caucuses.

“Good mattress, staff was great, good mattress, good everything,” Mr. Trump said Saturday.

“It’s different and it’s certainly not Mar-a-Lago,” Mr. Trump said. But “it’s very nice.”

He added: “I actually enjoyed it. It was good, it was clean.”

The Holiday Inn Express overlooks the fifth hole of the Ridge Golf Course, the hotel says on its website, and it offers a 36-hole package deal that includes two rounds on the course for $209.99 a night.

My run-in with The Donald, was more of a ‘walk past’ then a run-in. I was sitting in the lobby of my hotel enjoying a beverage and Trump walks through creating quite a stir from the fans in the lobby. I snapped a quick picture to show Mrs. Weekly Flyer, but as I was reading this article from The New York Times about how Trump gave his review on his stay, “Good mattress, staff was great, good mattress, good everything,” I thought I would show you guys too! People were excited to see him and he waved and smiled, very presidential-like. It was fun!

My Run-In With Trump Trip Report

Photo taken by The Weekly Flyer

Bottom Line

What celebrity sightings have you had during your travels?

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  1. Long time ago, I saw Jared the Subway guy (now a convicted child molester) at the Imperial Palace casino in Vegas.. playing $5 hand blackjack. Two ladies at my blackjack table went over to him with their ‘subway sticker card’ (remember those? buy 10 get 1 free by earning stickers?) to get it autographed… 🙂

  2. I can see it now….. Mr. Trump, you think you are the President?
    Reply…. “Well I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night!!”

  3. Senators and governors, TV news personalities and a couple of washed up actors and actresses. Apparently, I had a couple of big-time sports athletes on a flight, but I don’t watch sports and wouldn’t know them from Adam.

  4. Jimmy Carter in a lounge in Atlanta one time. He was being very polite and walking around the lounge to meet people – would have thought he was running for office! Still, a nice gesture.
    As a lifelong Yankee fan, was also fun to literally run into Andy Pettitte a few years ago at a zoo with our families.

  5. Mick Jagger (china club, nyc, got his autograph), Trump (at Plaza Hotel), Jessica Tandy and Hume Cronyn (at a restaurant), Robin Williams (sat down next to me at a bar), Brian Dennehy (bar), Tony Bennet (Italian Restaurant), Blondie (Studio 54), Woody Allen (court), Keanu Reaves (court) ….

  6. Ducked into a men’s room after a flight to Indy. A quick glance left revealed that Tony Bennett had just ponyed up to the urinal next to me. I did a double take that he noticed so we nodded to one another, returned our gazes to the wall and completed our business.

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