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Delta Announces New Flights to Europe for Summer 2023

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Delta Air Lines announced this week some exciting new European routes for next summer. Delta’s will be launching several new routes from Los Angeles, Atlanta, and New York (JFK). Delta will offer new or resumed flights to destinations including London-Heathrow, Paris, Geneva, Stuttgart and Berlin with new flights beginning as early as March 2023. Here’s…

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Delta Same Day Confirm Change Frustrations on First Class Tickets

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Delta offers Same-Day Confirmed flight changes for those who want to make changes to their flights within 24 hours of the original scheduled flight. Per Delta, these changes mean that you’re making a flight change within 24 hours of your originally scheduled departure time and flying within the United States, Puerto Rico or the U.S.…

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Delta Adds New Flights to Cape Town, Tel Aviv and Tahiti

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Delta Air Lines announced this week some exciting new international destinations later this year. Delta’s will be launching new non-stop service from Los Angeles to Tahiti and Atlanta to Cape Town both on December 17th. Additionally, next May, Delta will be adding nonstop service from Atlanta to Tel Aviv complementing its existing service from New…

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Delta Jet Set with Jonas Brothers Concert at Madison Square Garden

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Delta is having a private concert for SkyMiles members Monday night at Madison Square Garden called Jet Set with the Jonas Brothers. New York City based SkyMiles members were invited to this event and had to redeem 10,000 SkyMiles in order to attend. It appears that there will be 2,000 people in attendance. Delta SkyMiles…

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Delta 2021 Rollover Miles Now Posting

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Delta announced that all Medallion Qualification Miles (MQMs) in your account at the end of 2021 will roll over to 2022, giving SkyMiles members an even bigger jumpstart on earning towards 2023 Status. The great news is that these rollover MQMs have already started posting. It appears that many Diamond and Platinum Medallions have already have their rollover…

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Delta Issuing 15,000 SkyMiles for Cancelled Flights Over Christmas

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It’s no surprise that many airlines were having lengthy delays and cancellations this Christmas holiday due to staffing challenges caused by the omicron variant. As a result of this, my flight was cancelled and I was rebooked 4 hours later. To my surprise, I received the below email from Delta Air Lines offering 15,000 SkyMiles…

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Delta Premium Select JFK-LAX Travel Hack

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Delta has been expanding its Premium Select cabin to more aircrafts including all 767-400’s and now on some 767-300ERs. You’ll find a mix of 767-400’s and 767-300’s on Delta’s JFK-LAX route. However, Delta doesn’t sell Premium Select on domestic flights, so despite having a Premium Select cabin onboard, this is currently being sold as Comfort…

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Delta Adding 100 Flights to NYC Airports

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Delta plans to add back more than 100 flights to NYC airports, as the airline restores pre-covid flight levels at New York’s John F. Kennedy (JFK) and LaGuardia’s (LGA) airport. During the pandemic, the FAA implemented a slot waiver, where airlines wouldn’t lose their take-off/landing slots at the nation’s busiest airports, however is set to…

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