How To Display Delta’s Lowest Award Results

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There are a few tricks to help book a Delta award flight at the lowest award pricing level. One of them is so simple, it baffles me that the view is not automatically generated by Delta’s website when the user views the award flights result screen. By using this simple trick, you can help ensure you’ll book the lowest award ticket that is showing available for your route.

How To Always Display The Lowest Award Results

Step 1: Search Your Flight

Let’s assume you want to go over to Amsterdam in Business Class to Celebrate New Years in style. Simply enter your dates into Delta’s award engine and view the results. What, 180,000 Delta Skymiles for the old Business Elite cabin?

Delta AMS to ATL Award Search

Notice in the picture above that the awards are sorted by “best match” in the sort by feature. This is where the average person or person with too many miles will either book the ticket, move on to another date or even another destination. But not Points, Miles & Martinis readers. If we want to go to Amsterdam, we’ll find a low award ticket.

Step 2: Sort By “Miles Per Passenger”

Simply changing how the award results are sorted will give better results, most of the time. Take a look at how changing the sort option to “miles per passenger” opened up a few flights at the low award level.

Delta AMS to ATL Award Search Miles Per Passenger

Bottom Line

Next time the Delta award search engine returns results you don’t like, come back to Points, Miles & Martinis Delta Award Booking Secrets or check out our tricks page for a few tricks.

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  1. How long did it take you to find a city/date pair that you could copy and paste that would show seats at 100k???
    The only seats I ever see are KLM flights and go POOF AND DISAPPEAR when you click on them.

  2. Well since the website is not working at all today, these results are about right at the 180K level.
    Like JohnnieD said, assuming one can ever find the 100K level(soon to disappear on July 1 ’14) they mysteriously “sell out” as you click thru.
    I am big Delta fan but their SkyMile program and website are frustrating and embarassing, even as a Gold member(yeah, I know it means very little).

  3. I agree with Johnny and Geoff, the “lucky” availability seems to never be bookable all the way through. Delta likes it that way, customer gets frustrated and uses other airlines miles or doesn’t go…Delta loves it.

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