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Delta Secret – How To Get Power On Airplane When Power Plug Is Shut Off

It’s always a welcome sight to see a power outlet on a plane. Getting juice during flight means your phones, iPads, computers and more will work with plenty of battery when you get to your destination. I always plug in when I can get power from a plane. But just before departure the plane power…

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Delta Secrets – Delta 757 Lie-Flat To Raleigh (RDU)

Delta 757 Business Elite Seat Fully Reclined

The new Delta 757-200’s Transcon Business Elite service is on my bucket list. So the other day I started looking at the routes where the 757-200 Transcon Business Elite equipped Jets are being operated. As a result, I came across some routes with unsuspecting equipment that I’ll share here and in the near future. Delta 757 Lie-Flat…

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Delta One-Way Award On Virgin Atlantic

Delta Airlines recently changed over to the new 2015 SkyMiles program, and with that change over came the new ability to book one-way award flights on Delta and their partners. Since Delta is in a special partnership with Virgin Atlantic, we’ve received some questions as to whether or not Delta SkyMiles members can book one-way…

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Delta Secrets – Delta 747 Domestic Flight Repositioning Route

Delta 747

The other day we were reminded that Delta will retire their Boeing 747 planes in the near future. These planes will be replaced by Airbus in the near future. But if you are still looking to fly one of Delta’s remaining wide body double decker Boeing 747’s there is still time. We’ll share one route we…

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Delta Secrets – How To Find Low Level Delta Award Flights To Italy

Delta Low Level Award To Italy Final Routing

This is a post in our series of Delta Secrets we’ve learned over the last 11 years flying this great airline that just happens to have a more “interesting” way to find flights you want to take at the miles you want to spend. I get a tremendous amount of emails asking for help strategizing, planning, and…

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Delta Secrets – Half Price One-Way Delta Award Ticket Compared To A Round-Trip

A big drawback of the Delta SkyMiles program is the inability to officially book a one-way award ticket at half the cost of a round-trip (RT) ticket. You see, if a Delta member wants to book a one-way award, they are required to book at the round-trip price. But it doesn’t have to be that…

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Shhh! More Delta Secrets – Best Business Elite Seat On New Flat-Bed Configured 767 Planes

Shhh! Don’t tell anyone this little secret I’m about to share with you. If you do, we’ll have everyone fighting for the same seats. The next time you select a Business Elite seat on a Delta flight configured with the flat-bed seats on a 767, select the seat that will offer you more legroom. There…

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Lots Of Delta Low Award Availability To Tokyo For New Years

In case you are interested in spending New Years in Tokyo (Reviews I, II, III), maybe even at the Park Hyatt, I thought I would share that Delta has plenty of low level award availability to Tokyo from multiple departure points. Plus with Delta’s many partner airlines, you’ll likely find a connecting flight at low availability…

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Full Flat Business Elite Seat 1D On Delta’s 767 Domestic Route

One of the best ways to get upgraded as a Delta Medallion member is to carefully select the plane you fly. For example, an internationally configured plane, like the 767 with winglets, has more seats in the premium cabin than most domestically configured planes. So more seats means more of a chance to get the…

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Delta’s “Other Transcon” Service – 777 Business Elite From Los Angeles

After check-in at the Delta counter at LAX, I decided to head over to the Alaska Airlines Boardroom in LAX. This would put me closer to the gate where Delta parks their 777 at LAX. It also gave me a chance to relax in the lounge before this early morning flight in Delta’s internationally configured Business…

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Booking A Delta Award Flight To Joburg In Business At The Low Award Level

Delta operates the fourth longest flight in the world. The flight operates on a 777 from Atlanta to Joburg. It is often very difficult to find award availability at the low level in Business Class. So this presents a problem for anyone looking to redeem SkyMiles to South Africa at the low level. If you…

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Hurry – Two French Polynesia Business Class Award Seats Available

A quick search of Air France’s US website ( and I was able to locate two Business Class seats at the low award level. Delta members know they can reserve these seats for 150,000 Delta SkyMiles a piece. You can reserve the same exact flight for only 120,000 American Express Membership Rewards points plus $262.70…

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Delta’s 90,000 Mile French Polynesia Business Class Award (From New Zealand)

American Airlines AAdvantage Miles and Delta SkyMiles have some of the best options to get to Tahiti, the international gateway to French Polynesia and islands like Bora Bora and Moorea. But the biggest challenge is often finding availability between Tahiti and the United States. What some know about the award space to Tahiti, and is…

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Delta Secrets – VIP Select Service Is The Most Elite


Delta offers an elevated service level called VIP Select. A quick check with Delta provided a little insight into the benefits, the cost and where exactly this service is available. Delta VIP Select The cost is $125 for a one person, $200 for a couple and $125 for each additional person after that. To add…

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Delta Secrets – Delta’s First Flat-Bed A330 Revenue Flight

The first newly reconfigured A330 with the flat-bed Business Elite seats is being reported to be DL flight 117 from ATL to DTW on Tuesday, April 16th, 2013. The flight on Delta’s website is still showing it will be operated by a 757-200 plane, but the seat map shows otherwise. The seat map shows the…

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Delta Secrets – Hawaii Award In Delta’s Flat-Bed Business Class Seat At Low Level

Finding a low level award to Hawaii on Delta Airlines is extremely difficult. Last year I attempted to book a low level award to Hawaii on Delta, but I kept getting the award pricing engine to break and could only see middle award availability. Well, I’m happy to report the situation has got better, significantly…

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Delta Secrets – Save Time And Improve Your Phone Experience

Calling an airline in a busy airport or crowded space can cause delays in processing your phone call request. This is because some airlines use voice command prompts or enter other requests, like survey requests, into the phone call process. The most annoying issue that can happen is the airline phone call asks for you…

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