Upgrade: Domestic Delta Flat-Bed Business Elite Flight Review From The Last Row

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In order to truly find out which seats are the best onboard Delta’s flat-bed Business Elite seats in their 767 Boeing Jets I needed to check off another seat, the last row by the window. This flight was another domestic operated flight with an internationally configured plane similar to the experiences below:

The upgrade cleared at the time of booking, so I had a choice of seats, including one of my favorite seats in the first row. Just wanted to mention that so you readers know the sacrifices I have to make for the blog Smile

The cabin was freshly cleaned, presumably after this plane landed back in New York from Europe in time for this evening flight from New York back to Atlanta.

Delta Business Elite Cabin

I noticed something new on this flight. Around the back of the cabin (but not the last row) there was a seat with buttons all around it. I thought this might be a crew rest seat or something but cannot confirm. Anyone know why these buttons are outlining this seat?

Delta Business Elite Crew Rest Seat

On my way back to the last row I had a realization. The seat is in the back of the cabin with no galley between Business Elite and coach. So basically I was sitting there all stretched out, and a family of 4 was in middle three seats with a small baby. Didn’t bother me, as I just threw on my noise canceling headset, but may be bothersome to others who don’t care for the noise or feel bad for receiving an upgrade from coach and having the rest of coach watch you enjoy free drinks, movies, a flat-bed seat and a good meal.

Delta Business Elite View of Coach

The seat itself is a huge improvement over the old cradle style Business Elite seats that I grew up flying with Delta. The last row has an armrest between the seat and the aisle.

Delta Business Elite Seat 9D

The space is compact and but has plenty of space to spread out your things on the armrest.

Delta Business Elite Seat 9D Front View

You can see there is a nice little storage space under the armrest. This is where normally the feet would go for a seat behind, but since 9D is the last row, it is basically added storage.

Delta Business Elite Seat 9D Side View

The in-flight entertainment system was working perfectly during this flight. I had plenty of time to get a few glasses of wine, grab a movie and a meal. Nice way to ride on a domestic flight.

Delta Business Elite Seat 9D Legroom

Delta Business Elite Seat 9D View Towards Front

After I settled into the seat, the flight attendant came by with a pre-departure beverage option. I went with the house red wine in a plastic Coca-Cola cup.

Delta Business Elite Pre-departure beverage

Not long we were pushing back to head south.

Delta Business Elite Seat 9D Window View

One of the reasons I prefer the window seat is to take in the view.

Delta Business Elite Seat 9D Flight View

It was a clear day and a smooth flight all the way back to Atlanta.

Delta Business Elite Seat 9D Flight Window View

Once in the air, I put on a Tom Cruise movie about some futuristic scenario that will never come true. It was a good reason to order a second glass of wine with a proper glass and place setting once up in the air.

Delta Business Elite Movie and Wine

One thing I’m always amused about flying Delta Business Elite is that their tray tables are magnetic. This means you can place your silverware on the tray and they won’t fall off even if they are hanging over the edge. Pretty neat.

Delta Business Elite Silverware

My meal choice for this flight was easy. They had the Reuben sandwich on rye bread with a strong mustard sauce and a tiramisu cake. Delta Business Elite Reuben Sandwich

Everything was Delicious!

Delta Business Elite Reuben Sandwich Side View

Bottom Line

Delta’s flat-bed seats are a nice way to fly domestically, especially on a ~2 hour flight. I enjoyed seat 9D, but I still prefer the seats which are the best seats for reasons I shared in the linked post here.

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  1. I suspect those metal nubs around the seat are used to fasten a curtain around the seat should it be used for crew rest on international flights.

  2. Yep — that’s exactly what those metal nubs are used for.
    Delta uses this seat for crew members on the trans-atlantic flights, e.g., from ATL to FRA.

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