Secret Revealed – Why I Like 1A In Delta’s Business Elite Cabin

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In the past I’ve hinted that I really really like the first row in Delta’s flat-bed Business Elite cabin over all other seats. Apparently, it’s been burning a few people on why the left side and the first row of the flat-bed Business Elite cabin. I’ve been getting a ton of emails about this, here’s the most recent one:

In one of your articles you said to take row 1 as it allows more leg room when you lay flat. You also said something about the left side of plane vs right? Why?!?!? It’s killing me to know. Right now I have 3d so right side plane and seat is next to window allowing the table in between me and aisle as you said it’s more private. But should I be left side of plane instead row 1A? Does the galley and lavatory bug this seat? Same leg space or more? Thanks.

Now the First Row and the left side of the plane isn’t my domestic First Class seat preference, I already shared that in an old article you can read (here). But there are two very dinstinct reasons I like to select row 1 in Delta’s Business Elite AND the left side in particular if it is available.

Delta 767 with Flat Bed Seat Side Cabin.jpg

Why I Like Row 1 In Delta Business Elite

The reason I like row 1 is simply because it has more legroom. Some people say they feel clostrophobic, but not me. Seats in the first row of Delta’s Business Elite flat bed have the opposite effect on me.

Just take a look at the foot wells of row 1 and then the next picture of a row towards the back.

Row 1 has a “boxy” feeling foot well as seen below.

Delta 767 Flat Bed IFE and Leg Room

Then the other rows behind, have the little bulge on the side.


Delta 767 with Flat Bed Seat IFE And Legroom.jpg

But it is even worse if you are in the middle section seat where you have seats on both sides of your foot well. Check out the slim space in the picture below. See how there are bulges on both sides?

First Class Middle Seat of Delta Business Elite


Why I Like 1A Better Than 1D, 1C and 1B

The reason I like the left side of the plane is more of a personal hunch on the service level you receive. The seats in the middle are too close to the lavatory on long flights, so I avoid those.

But I’ve noticed a pattern of the purser servicing the left side of the Business Elite cabin. Not sure if this is the case all the time, but its been very common for me to select 1a or 1b and have the purser servicing that side of the plane. First of all, does it make a difference if you get the purser or not? Not really. Second of all, is it guaranteed that pursers work the left side of the plane, not sure. So this is more of a personal preference.



Bottom Line

Its definitely a First Class problem to trouble selecting a Business Elite flat-bed seat. But if you like a little extra room for your feet like me, then start in row 1 and let your other preference play out for whether you select A, B, C, or D. And if you end up in the back of Business Elite, it isn’t all that bad, we’ve all been there too.

What’s your favorite seat in Delta’s Business Elite on their 767 with flat-bed seating?


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  1. I could not agree more! I have flown 1A in this configuration at least 6 times. I have been bummed to find 1A taken on a few occasions. 1A rules!

  2. Just curious, you never seem to mention Meal Service when you choose your preferred seats; I would agree with 1A on an EVEN numbered flight, but on an ODD numbered flight I’d probably opt for Row 4 or so. This way, regardless of whether the DL F/A follows the FEBO rule (which is done inconsistently) I will still get an entree choice either way, being sorta in the middle of the cabin. On odd numbered flights, by the time they get up to the front at Row 1, I have sometimes been stuck taking an entree I wasn’t crazy about… (vice versa for even numbered flights in the last row of FC). I use this tactic for both Intl and Domestic flights. 3 or 4 inches of legroom, especially when flying BE flat-beds, does not matter in the least to me.

  3. Oh, how I wish I could join in on the discussion of how one business class seat offers more leg room than another. I fly enough to make Platinum but not enough to get upgrades. I find myself fighting for economy plus seats just to get a fraction more legroom 🙂

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