Free Marriott Platinum Status For New Hires – Link Now Dead

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Late last week Marriott sent out an email to one particular consulting firm (Deloitte) indicating a status grant, not even a match, offer to their top tier Platinum status level. The link started to get socialized around the net, and things quickly got out of control. After all, one could gain top tier status which normally requires 75 nights by simply clicking a link and applying the promotion to their account or signing up for a new account all together.

Marriott usually allows people to take a challenge to earn the Marriott Platinum status for only 18 nights. I’ve never gone for the challenge and have instead gone for Gold status each year after year as I think the Gold benefits are just fine with upgrades and club lounge access.

But others go for Platinum based challenge for the increased earning and higher placement on the upgrade list. Some people don’t even like the challenge as it takes 18 nights and there are reports of people walking away from the Platinum challenge.

But Platinum status for free by just clicking a link and spending zero nights in a hotel was too good for many to pass up. As a result, there was a large number of people that took them up on the offer either by signing up under their existing account or through new accounts.

Marriott Free Platinum Status Link

Many people circulated and clicked this link (THIS ONE) which offered members a chance to get Platinum status through February of 2016!

Free Marriott Platinum Status For New Hires

Provided to Points, Miles & Martinis by Anonymous Reader

Big Question

The link no longer works, but the question now exists. How much has the Marriott Platinum status level been devaluated next year? There are no doubt a ton of people who normally don’t stay with Marriott who will now have access to Platinum status. Some of the new Platinum members will vary well be frequent travelers who will take advantage of the status and could retain it. But there will likely be others who take the status for one year and part ways with Marriott.

There will be more competition for Platinum benefits including upgrades, late check-out, 48-hour guaranteed availability, etc.

  • Room upgrade
  • Concierge Lounge access/breakfast
  • Platinum arrival gift
  • Free Internet
  • 50% bonus on points
  • Priority late checkout
  • 48-hour guaranteed availability

Bottom Line

Marriott may have botched the status grant offer to Deloitte new hires by not locking down how they disseminated the link to intended audience. Sure, people were not right to sign up through the offer, but the Platinum status was too enticing and many people did. Now the link is dead, and Marriott Platinum status next year may have a lot more people competing for benefits.

What are you thoughts on this situation?

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  1. Even though I used the link to sign up (came through via various multiple sources) – i didn’t get the status even after receiving the confirmation email (few of us tried and same outcome, it didn’t upgrade our accounts to Platinum status). — should I pursue calling Marriott and fight, or just stay 7 more nights and earn platinum the normal (and hard) way..!! first world problems.

  2. I think the concerns are overblown, its unlikely on any particular stay that someone who got Platinum in this way is going to trump you for an upgrade to the club level. On paper, yes, but practically in the field, no, not that likely.

  3. Don’t forget. Marriott recently announced that all Rewards members will now receive free internet. Until now, only elite Rewards members received free internet. They have yet to announce a replacement for this ‘perk.’ As someone who has stayed 200 nights in hotels over the last night, I can tell you I’m no longer keen on Marriotts. Too many of the Marriott hotels are odd, diplidated and unattractive. The only draw is the concierge lounge, which for me means free breakfast (say $15) and free dinner (say $15) plus lots of free drinks.

  4. This happened earlier this year with Hyatt and Microsoft. Tons of people signed up and had their accounts updated to platinum status including myself. But a few weeks later I got an email from Hyatt saying that there is been a mistake and I was not entitled to that status and it was then removed from my account. Pretty sure Marriott will do something similar here.

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