US Airways First Class Review A321

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Regular readers know we here at Points, Miles & Martinis usually fly Delta Airlines when possible, both for convenience, inflight experience and for reliability. So it was a departure from the norm when we decided to book 5 US Airways First Class awards on the same flight to the west coast on a recent ski trip to stay at the Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe Resort & Casino.

US Airways First Class Review

We had an early morning wake up to make it to the airport in time for our early departure. With 4 adults, 1 toddler and 1 infant, that meant we had a lot of bags to check. So we got to the check-in counter early to check out bags. After a few minutes we were heading through TSA Pre Check and on to our gate for the early departure.

Our seating selection strategy was to take the entire last row of First Class and then take the window seat in front of where the toddler would sit. So that meant we took seats 4 a-d and seat 3 d on this US Airways A321.


We pushed back just as the sun was rising and were up in the air in no time headed towards Phoenix for our connection to Reno, Nevada.



The US Airways First Class seats were relatively new to me. I can vaguely recall flying them a long time ago. There is a little carve out storage area under the arm rest for each First Class row. This made for a great place to store hand sanitizer and other things needed for kids.


Not long after take off meal orders were taken. The selection was an egg frittata or some cheese burrito. I went with the frittata and couldn’t have been more surprised.


The frittata dish came with spiced potatoes and sausage.


A side biscuit which was rather dry, but adding jelly made it a little better.


The fruit cup was fresh with grapes, kiwi, orange, cantaloupe and green melon.


Happy to see the napkin hole to affix the napkin to your shirt. This is a great way to ensure you don’t get anything on your clothes during the meal service. Some people thing it’s goofy, but I always use the napkin hole, that’s what it’s there for after all.


One bit into the frittata and you get a sense for how packed it is with veggies. It was a good breakfast option for airplane food. Definitely something I would order again on a 3+ hour flight out west.


After a long weekend in Tahoe it was time for the return flight back east. We had a mid-morning flight to Phoenix and then an early afternoon flight back from Phoenix.



Since the return flight was in the afternoon, they served lunch / dinner service, which included warm nuts.


The meal selection on the return included a burrito, which I ordered, but wasn’t a big fan of.


The burrito was just ok, edible, but dry and not very flavorful.


The salad was good, but I didn’t even touch the chicken side dish appetizer. The cold chicken just didn’t look appetizing.


But the best part was by far the dessert. The key lime pie dessert with a diet coke hit the spot.


Then it was time for an hour or so of relaxation, movie watching with the little ones, and then landing.



Bottom Line

We had a great experience with US Airways First Class. Our trip was booked entirely on airline miles with 5 First Class awards seats at the low redemption level. All flights were on time, we experienced no issues and the service was surprisingly good. After this trip I definitely think US Airways First Class is underrated and I”ll fly them again without hesitation.

What’s your latest experience with US Airways?

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  1. US Airways operates a couple versions of the A321, with one key distinction that I think is important enough to call out – seat recline. On the newer A321s, seat recline in abysmal. Seats in F recline about as much as they do in coach on the older A321s. The “unreclined” position is also VERY upright on the newer A321s – almost to the point where it feels like you’re being pushed forward. Based on our pictures above, it looks like you had the opportunity to fly on both versions- I’m surprised you didn’t comment on this.

    I think it’s also important to note that there is no in-flight entertainment and no power ports, so it’s important to make sure your devices are fully charged before boarding. A few aircraft have upgraded wifi speeds, but slow and painful is more the norm.

  2. Ah, I see. I thought they had spelled it that way on purpose, like they were marketing that it was filled with fruit.

  3. I’m wondering if you can request a special meal on domestic US Airlines first-class. I wouldn’t eat any of that food because of dietary requirements. I don’t even want to imagine the calorie count here.

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