Delta First Class Breakfast Sandwich

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Have you ever heard what was being served for Delta First Class Breakfast and it sounded so good you had to try it, even if you weren’t hungry? Well, that was me on this recent flight from New York LaGaurdia early in the morning onboard this Delta MD88. The flight started off just fine and I was served my meal of choice. But it didn’t turn out like I had expected it.

Delta First Class Breakfast

The flight started off just fine with an on time departure. We made it out before the snow hit so there was no delay and we even pushed back a few minutes early.


Our flight was up to cruising altitude in no time. The captain came on to let us know we’d arrive to our destination early and to please stay seated even though we didn’t expect any chop or turbulence during the flight. So far so good.


The flight attendants started taking orders from the front of the First Class Cabin to the back. Since I was in row two, I would be able to select my meal of choice. Sometimes on longer flights, if you are in the back row you might not get a choice in the meal option. But sure enough, when the two options were presented I had my choice. It was getting even better, within a moment I had an ice cold diet coke on the tray table placemat. We were off to a good start.


The meal options included a choice of grilled cheese and turkey breakfast sandwich with cinnamon bun or a fruit plate with salmon. Since I had already had Delta’s First Class Salmon breakfast sandwich a while back, and it was delicious, I decided to try the Delta First Class Breakfast Turkey sandwich this time.

The meal came out and it was presented well, the sandwich plate even garnished with oranges. That’s where things took a turn for the worse.


The breakfast sandwich was warm, not hot, and also a little greasy. The cheese was almost melted all the way through but not quite. Regardless, the cheese was the focus point of this sandwich because you couldn’t taste anything else. I even tried to open the sandwich and remove the cheese to see if that would make it any better but it didn’t. So I pushed it to the side and moved on to the next item on the tray.


I don’t even know what to call this, but it wasn’t good. Cold and somewhat bitter taste didn’t sit well at all with the rest of the plate.


The only redeeming factor about this meal was the cinnamon bun. It even came with a side of jelly to spread over the cinnamon bun. A first for me, but it was delicious.


Bottom Line

The new Delta First Class Breakfast Sandwich should be avoided in my book. I’ll take the First Class Omelette, First Class burrito breakfast or Delta First Class Breakfast Lox Croissant any day over this one.

What’s the last breakfast meal you’ve ordered on a plane? Was it good or bad?

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  1. Oh no! I haven’t had a Delta flight this year yet but I loved the lux croissant bfast sandwich last year!

  2. Hi Rene…haven’t had that yet so thanks for the warning. Re orders, general rule of thumb (95% of the time) is on even numbered flights, orders are taken from front to back. Odd number flights are back to front, so that’s how i choose my seats to ensure i get my selection!

  3. The unidentified item is quinoa which has a slightly bitter taste. It’s trendy just like kale.

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