Delta’s 757 First Class Service From Seat 1A

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On a recent trip out west, I got to experience Delta’s seat 1A onboard one of their domestically configured 757. While the experience was much different than my Holiday travel experience on Delta’s Business Elite configured 757, the flight up front was still a pleasant one. There are a few benefits and drawbacks to riding in seat 1A. What do you think, do you prefer 1A (the bulkhead) or are you more of a back row First Class person?

Seat 1A On Delta’s Domestic 757

The first thing you’ll notice about seat 1A is the proximity to the galley. You’ll have a bird’s eye view of the food and drink preparation. Most importantly, you’ll be able to catch the eye of the flight attendant when your drink is low, that is if they don’t already notice you need a top off first. Some Delta 757 flights come with in-flight entertainment televisions. You can spot if your plane is equipped with these by looking up the in-flight amenities on Delta’s website. Another great thing about sitting up front is Delta provides the mini water bottles to First Class passengers. This is great if you are thirsty right as you sit down or anticipate getting thirsty well after you leave the flight.

Seat 1A on Delta 757

The second thing you’ll notice when you sit down in seat 1A is the legroom. Seat 1A is the bulkhead and as a result, you won’t have the underneath of the seat in front of you to stretch your legs. Most (it seems like if not all) Delta flights have in-flight internet onboard from Gogo. This is one of the best in-flight amenities for a business traveler. You can remain productive for hours at a time online, or just avoid the grid all together, the choice is yours. Most frequent business travelers I know use Gogo’s monthly subscription service. The product offers unlimited wifi for flights on a specific carrier or another product for any carrier where Gogo is offered. With 2-4 flights a week, the Gogo monthly service certainly pays off.

Seat 1A on Delta 757 in Bulkhead

Seat 1A may not have extra leg room space due to the bulkhead, but it sure does have great views from the window seat. Taking off east from Atlanta, we turned north and then again west towards the mile high city.

View of Atlanta from Delta Plane During Takeoff

Once the flight is going, most will likely tap the in-flight entertainment system to catch up on a HBO series, the latest movies or just set up the in-flight moving map. The entertainment systems are great and you’ll never miss a game as long as it is on the stations offered or your flight doesn’t offer the in-flight television product. The only downside I see to 1A with the televisions is that it is fixed to the wall and cannot be adjusted.

Delta in-flight television from seat 1 a in 757

The televisions in the rear seats are adjustable and can be moved up and down when the seat in front of you is reclined. Since the front row seat 1A doesn’t haven any seat in front to recline, the television is fixed. So it is not really an issue, but more of an observation.

Delta first class seat 3 a from 757

In-Flight Service

One of the areas where Delta does well is with in-flight food service. Delta offers meals in First Class for flights over 900 miles. The food & beverage options are different for flight distances ranging from 0-250, 251-899, 900-1500+ miles.

A good thing about 1A is that when a meal is offered you will receive service first. A tray table place mat is generally offered and set up before the service begins. A warm wet hand towel is distributed to each passenger in first class. This is followed by a drink order. In this case, I went with Cabernet instead of my normal Woodford on the rocks.

Delta first class service Cabernet wine

Since 1A has the first choice of meals, I didn’t have to worry about my selection not being available. Although, I’ve yet to have a meal preference not be available in rows as far back as 6. Have you ever not had your meal preference available in Delta First Class?

Delta first class service chicken salad

The meal choice on this flight to the mile high city was a chicken salad with tomato soup and brownie or a deli sandwhich with potato chips. The chicken salad was good but the tomato soup was better.

Delta first class service chicken salad close up

Bottom Line

There is no doubt that finding an internationally configured plane on a domestic route will give you the most comfort riding up front.

But Delta’s loyal elite members know that complimentary upgrades, great service and in-flight product are pretty nice perks of being a loyal Delta customer. Whether you are in a window or aisle seat, a front row or back row, you’re very likely to receive great service sitting up front onboard anyone of Delta’s planes.

I’ll take 1A anyday for a flight to the mile high city. What’s your First Class seat preference?

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  1. Yes, although even as a DM the DL upgrade %’s seem to have decreased a little with FCM, it is still a pleasure getting to sit up front. With regards to meal choice, DL uses a FEBO method for taking food orders which means if the flight number is even, the FA’s start in the front and if the flight number is odd, the order taking starts in the back. If your upgrade comes through early, you can select your seat based on this as it is a policy that is usually followed 95% of the time. Service seems to always be front to back though so if you’re hungry and don’t care if you do not have a choice of meal, 1A is a good seat aside from the lack of legroom.

  2. I sat in the 6th row on a 757 last night and had no problem with meal choice. As a matter of fact, I have never had a problem with it and only rarely overheard someone not be able to get what they want.

  3. As someone who wants to maximize time on my 17″ laptop during flights, I think there is a tradeoff to all bulkhead seats, not just row 1. The pro is that you have unlimited room to open your screen, which you may not get if you are in a seat with someone in front of you leaning back. The con is that you have to stow your laptop in the overhead during takeoff and landing. Depending on how choppy the air is, how strict the FAs are, and whether you are in a window seat, this can be inconvenient and shave several minutes off your time with the computer. All that said, I more often than not opt for a non-bulkhead seat to maximize time with my computer.

  4. I overheard an FA telling a passenger in First on United that they prioritize meal order service based on status. So someone who paid a full fare will order first, followed by an upgraded 1K, Gold, Silver, etc.

  5. While sitting in 1A aboard a recent ALT-LAX flight on a 757, the flight attendants told me that they offer meal choices starting in the back row on westbound flights, and start with the first row on eastbound flights. Needless to say, they ran out of chicken by the got to row 1! But the lasagna did not disappoint either.

  6. I realize this post is 3 years old but I’ll comment anyways. My favorite seat is always row 2, right side of the plane on the aisle. I’m a very small person so it doesn’t matter if the person in front of me reclines, I still have plenty of room. I enjoy the aisle so I have freedom to use the restroom (which I have never done on a plane!) and I can see more of what is going on around me. The window seat feels too closed in, especially when the person beside me leans over to see out the window. Usually I have my young son with me and he enjoys the window so it works out well for the both of us.

  7. I always pay full fare to ride in first class on Delta and I NEVER GET FIRST CHOICE NO MATTER WHERE I SIT, NO MATTER WHAT THE FLIGHT NUMBER, NO MATTER WHAT DIRECTION THE PLANE IS GOING!!!!! When I sit in the back row, they start taking orders from the front. When I sit in 1A they start taking orders from the back. Every time they ran out of one entry before taking my order and I had to take what was left even though I paid full fare!!!! One time I even sat in the middle and they had just ran out of a choice!!!! I have complained to Delta repeatedly and suggested they give full fare paying customers first choice , but to no avail. They do at least compensate me with miles. I prefer to sit in 1A, but I also feel I should be able to have a choice in meals. There seems to me to be no consistent policy of taking food orders in first class!

  8. Patty, that really sucks that you’ve had such bad experiences. Perhaps my flights were always great because my young son was with me and the crew go out ofther way to make him happy? My friends who are FA’s tell me they can size up a passenger within the first 2 minutes of boarding. Did they make eye contact and say hello when boarding? Are they loaded down with more bags than allowed? Are they hanging around the aisle picking in their bags instead of sitting to clear the way? Are they barking orders and asking for a drink as soon as they board. The extra nice passengers are going to get better service. I’m sure you’re a great flyer so I’m not sure what to tell you! I hope your next flight is better 🙂

  9. Good Evening all,
    Just got back from Seattle for my nephews university of Washington graduation.
    Flew Delta back to Detroit on the 757-200 new first class seats 01A and 01B.
    Very very nice seats also great food grilled Salmon.
    Flight attendants were very attentive and provided excellent service from boarding to landing.
    Overall Delta’s 757-200 new first class was excellent from seat 01A.

  10. I have never flown first class and am flying next week. I have anxiety and not crazy about flying(which is why I am upgrading to first class).
    I am flying in 5C and 5D with my son on our departing flight,
    and 6 A and 6B coming home. Of course I will be in the aisle seat.
    Any suggestions on the best seats to sit in in first class. I can move up on the returning flight, there are still seats available. I prefer none behind me, but is there a downside to sitting in the back?
    Thank you in advance.

  11. I prefer to be close to the front as I am near the washroom, near the FA’s if I need assistance and typically food service starts at the front. Also, I get off the plane first so I make my connection on time. When the attendant comes around to ask you for a drink order, let her know you have a bit of anxiety so she can keep an eye on you. That way if she sees you fidgeting or sweating, she won’t fear it’s a heart attack!!

  12. Thank you Tracey H. We leave tomorrow morning. I also, already switched our returning seats to row 3. And I never thought of the heart attack thing. Good idea bc sometimes, depending how bad they are, it can mimic symptoms. Trying to focus on the adventure. Fingers crossed 🙂

  13. Sherri, I wish you a safe and easy flight! I have loved flying since I stepped foot in the plane but still feel uneasy at times which is normal. Read a book, use a colouring book, try Sudoku or crosswords or anything else to ease your brain. I like keeping a candy in my mouth as well because I get dry when I’m nervous.

  14. First class seating, low class food. The only thing good for breakfast that I had was yogurt and grapes…the orange juice was sour and the sandwich thingy was greasy and I do not eat meat…they forgot to put a vegetarian meal on board and my seat mate did not get her gluten free meal. Then they offered us the box bundles full of salt and processed items. Come on Delta…first class and I could get a better breakfast from McDonalds…hot cakes and scrambled eggs. Also, I can buy better fruit at one of stores in the Airport…I did enjoy the water in the bottle…and the movies were great…you need to step up your game when it comes to food…non fat milk would be awesome!

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