Awesome 140,000 Ritz Carlton Card Offer Clarification

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The other day I shared how I was able to pick up the phone, call a number in this post, and get approved for a Ritz Carlton card that comes with 140,000 bonus points after meeting spending requirements. The details of the offer other than the 140,000 bonus points were not clear, but now that I have the offer details in hand, things are more clear, and it is looking like a really good offer.

140,000 Ritz Carlton Card Offer

The offer includes a generous signup bonus and perks that I value greater than the annual fee. My card offer included:

  • 140,000 bonus points with Ritz Carlton after spending $2,000 in the first 3 months
  • Annual $300 airline credit
  • 3 upgrades to Ritz Carlton Club each year as part of the card benefits
  • Automatic Gold status in the Ritz Carlton program the first year. Can keep Gold access if spend $10,000 in the second year and earn Platinum if spend $75k In second year
  • $395 annual fee is not waived
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • Complimentary unlimited Lounge Club Access!!!
  • $100 resort credit on paid stays of two nights or more
  • Chip and signature technology

And not that it matters but thought I’d mention, the card comes in an impressive package. The card itself is made of metal and very cool sounding when you drop it on a table.

140,000 Ritz Carlton Card Offer140,000 Ritz Carlton Card Offer140,000 Ritz Carlton Card Offer140,000 Ritz Carlton Card Offer

Bottom Line

I find the benefits of the Ritz Carlton card offer for 140,000 bonus points plus all of the generous card benefits to be more valuable than the card annual fee. The $300 annual airline credit plus the unlimited Lounge Club access are the two best benefits, after the 140,000 bonus points of course.

Did you pick this card up yet? What do you think of the package and the card itself?

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  1. I think for the RitzCarlton 140K offer I got the signup bonus spending requirement is 2000 usd within 3 months instead of 5000. Are you sure yours is 5000?

  2. I’ve heard the airline credit is strictly for incidentals and can’t be used to buy tickets.

  3. Can we confirm that can buy airline gift cards for the credit and use those GC towards tickets. Thanks.

  4. I just got approved for my card with 140k point offer by calling! (then calling again to move some of my chase card credit line around) Thanks!!

  5. Here’s another one :). Do you need to be staying at the hotel to use the complimentary unlimited lounge access? I have a Ritz Carlton across the street from my office. That would be a handy place to drop by after work. Be amazed if that is so.

  6. Seems decent. First year is great with 140k but after that it is a $95 net cost for gold status (@10k spend) which also extends to Marriott (I presume). If you stay at R-C, the 3 upgrades are also quite useful

  7. You can not buy gift cards or tickets for the incidental charges…they will ask what the charge was for and a nice round $100, $200, $300 aint gonna cut it as bag fees or drinks on the plane…..on the other hand if you do have drinks on the plane and pay bag fees with this card they will give you a credit.
    The lounge access is not your usual lounges, no admirals club, you have limited lounges in limited cities to choose from.
    The $395 annual fee is one of the highest for a credit card.
    You may not get the bonus miles if you have a current card or have gotten the bonus in the last 24 months from a Ritz Carlton or Marriott rewards card. these are the terms for the current public offerings, so it makes sense they apply to this phone offer with no landing page…beware if you have a Marriott rewards card, there are reports of people getting this card and having chase close their Marriott reward cards without notice.

  8. Hi Steve – Yes, the 3 upgrades to Ritz club are in conjunction with a paid stay. The “unlimited lounge” access is for the Lounge Club at airports, two different things.

  9. @ wise2u – that is a big downside if the airline credit is restricted to incidentals.

  10. @tom Yup I think the 140k offer is for suckers. The 70k offer with annual fee waived, however, is great. Definitely do not value 70k Marriott pts > $395.

  11. Signed up last year and used the airlines credits to buy airline gifts cards in $50 increments. No questions asked! And timing is right because you get those credits based on calendar year!

  12. Rich C, which airline did you buy the gift cards from? I heard AA and Delta are no go.

  13. Exact verbiage regarding the $300 Flight Credit: To request a statement credit to apply towards qualifying airline incidental Net Purchase(s) made with your Ritz-Carlton Rewards Credit Card, you must contact J.P. Morgan Priority Services at the number on the back of your Ritz-Carlton Rewards Credit Card within 4 billing cycles of the purchase date. Only the following types of non-ticket Net Purchases qualify for this offer: airline lounge day pass, or towards a yearly lounge membership of your choice; airline seat upgrades; airline baggage fees; in-flight internet/entertainment; in-flight meals; Global Entry fees. (“Net Purchases” are purchases of goods and services made by you or any authorized user on your account minus any returns or refunds, and do not include balance transfers, cash advances, cash-like charges such as travelers checks, foreign currency, and money orders, any checks that access your account, overdraft advances, interest, unauthorized or fraudulent charges, or fees of any kind, including an annual fee, if applicable.) We do not determine whether merchants correctly identify and bill transactions as being of a certain type. However, we do reserve the right to determine which purchases qualify for statement credits. Statement credit will post to your account within 5-7 business days and will appear on your monthly credit card billing statement within 1-2 billing cycles. Qualifying purchases made by authorized users on your account are eligible for statement credits; however, only the obligor on the account, not authorized users, may request statement credits. Maximum statement credit accumulation for this offer is $300 per calendar year. The Ritz-Carlton Rewards is not responsible for offer fulfillment or the provision of or a failure to provide the stated benefits and services.

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