Unlimited Airport Lounge Club Visits With 140,000 Ritz Carlton Offer

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The other week I was approved for the awesome 140,000 Bonus Point Ritz Carlton Club card offer and one of the best benefits has now arrived, unlimited Lounge CLUB visits for me and my accompanying guests. I wasn’t sure about all the benefits of the offer, after all they were communicated over the phone. But I was able to get some clarifications when the offer arrived in the mail.

This is a boon for the Weekly Flyer Family. Earlier this year, Delta “enhanced” their lounge membership options for cardholders of the American Express Platinum and the Delta Reserve card, that new policy went into effect on May 2, 2014. Which basically meant, I’d have to pay for my children to come into the lounge with me to sip Apple Juice and sit in my lap. Thanks to the Lounge Club access from the Ritz Carlton card benefit, we’ll be able to visit the best lounge in the Atlanta airport together, as a family.


Bottom Line

This benefit will change the way we travel as a family now that we can all get access to arguably the best or near the top of the lounges in the Atlanta International Airport.

Ritz Carlton Kapalua Pool 2

Ritz Carlton Kapalua

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  1. When did you get the CC and when did you get the lounge card? I got my CC yesterday (UPS delivery). What if one is flying in a week but still hasn’t received the lounge card?

  2. In the copy of the letter you posted there is an asterisk at the end of the first paragraph. Does the asterisked statement contained any restrictions? I am thinking about applying and want to be sure there is not a fee for guest entry.

  3. I’ll post a pic of the asterisk text soon. But I recall it just said something like….participating lounges in the lounge program…basically took it to mean the lounges in the listing of lounges. Will post update with pic soon as I have access to letter again.

  4. I got my 140k RC card this week… can’t wait til the Lounge Card arrives.. although I already have a Lounge card membership through, I think Chase Ink Bold. So one membership is good for the whole family? Me, wife, 2 kids under 7?

  5. Hi Juno – The Lounge Club pass you get from Chase only gives you 2 free passes, that is it. The Ritz Carlton (JP Morgan) Lounge Club membership gives you UNLIMITED access for your and your accompanying guests. That is AWESOME!

  6. I have the Priority Pass through Amex Platinum. I think the lounges through Lounge Club and Priority Pass are exactly the same. So any additional benefit of getting Lounge Club apart from free guests? Also is there a limit on the number of guests that can accompany you?

  7. Weekly Flyer – are you sure additional adult guests get in free? I thought this works on a case-by-case basis based on each individual lounge’s policy (and generally kids under 12 get in free everywhere). If in fact you can confirm that as a global rule adult guests get in Free across the entire group of participating clubs that would be an awesome benefit.

    Veejay – I can confirm that additional card members get their own Lounge Club card if you specifically request it (however, they will have the same card number as you – so make sure you really like them!).

  8. So I know some of the lounges won’t let you in if it’s through a financial institution benefit. Since they send an actual card does that override that limit?

  9. Hi JDD – I spoke with the Lounge Club and confirmed the language in the letter I shared a picture in this post, indicates that the guests are complimentary. They said the language would have spelled out costs per guest if the guests weren’t free. I spoke with the JP Morgan team and they really didn’t have the details on guest access, but I think it was the case of the rep not knowing. My plan is to HUCB to see if I can get a better answer from JP Morgan themselves. But the Lounge Club gave a positive update.

  10. I too am curious whether you got any charges for your guests. Although I did read the “you and your accompanying guests” part, calling Chase yielded very unclear answers on whether I would be charged for guests. Has anyone tried it and were you charged?

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  12. Can you still access the lounge after you cancel the card if the lounge club card hasn’t expire?

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